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Hey guys, Xeo here. My very first attempt at the CotW blog just went live! I hope you all enjoy it. Please excuse any mistakes, of which there are probably several.


The newest Comments of the Week should be live in a bit. This week, your boy GoofierBrute has been put in charge, so let's see how well I do on my maiden voyage. Hopefully nothing burns down. Edit: It's alive!


Ok friends, COTW will post in a few. Enjoy and go easy on me. I'm a Virgin blogger and COTW is my maiden voyage. Enjoy...WILFoftheblues


Ten minutes folks then the blog that was meant to be out last week will be available. I have to start cutting down on school/work more often. Maybe pull a few sick days.


Latest entry of COTW is coming up in a few moments, and contrary to this gif. It is time to sleep for me. -Tree


Hey everyone, Perro here! Hope you all are having a great Wednesday, and to make it better I've got COTW for the week of April Fools going up for real this time!


Hey everybody. ooktar here letting you know a very merry Easter edition of COTW will be up soon. Happy Bunnies and Eggs Day everyone.


Hey there. It's springtime and I'm ooktar here telling you COTW should be up soon.


And the next, super long edition of Comments of the Week is underway. Apologies for the lateness but you guys were funnier than normal last week.


I have it under good authority that Comments of the Week should be up in a few minutes. Cheers! - Tree


Hey everybody. ooktar here letting you know the latest Comments of the Week should be up shortly. Pic unrelated.


The latest edition of Comments of the Week will be going live in just a moment. Hope you enjoy my debut! - GUERRILLA


What's this? CotW will be up in two minutes you say? Well blow me (please do) down.


Latest entry of COTW should be up in a few minutes! Happy Valentines! Cheers! - Tree


Hey there everybody. Ooktar here letting you know the latest edition of Comments of the Week should be up soon. Game.... Blouses.


Time for a new Comments of the Week! (which Wes saved, by the way)


The CotW for last week is up in five minutes. You know ... Almost a week late. I'm normally more prolific so I am sorry to you all for letting you down deadline-wise.


O hai guys! COTY is up. We thought we'd do a sort of new year's special, and add some of our favorites from past entries into a big compilation, we naturally picked a few new ones too! Happy Belated 2018 - Tree


What's that? It's Christmas Eve... But it's Sunday! Which means yes, you do get Comments of the Week. What crazy dude offered to host today?


Technical difficulties on my end meant that COTW was late on Sunday. So, to make up for it being... Wow almost five days late, I've made this edition twice the length. It'll be up within the next hour or so. See ya soon!


Greetings fellow internet consumers! The highly anticipated COTW should be up shortly, if the servers allow it. Cheers! - Tree


Howdy folks. Comments of the Week is scheduled to go up pretty soon. Come on over and have a gander and gear up for the holidays.


Youtube comments are the worst, Destructoid comments are the best. COTW should be up shortly! - Tree


Sorry for the delay (again). The latest Comments of the Week is now available!


My actual Comments of the Week edition is out in five minutes folks. Apologies again for the delay, but, you know, life happens.


You get two (yes TWO) Comments of the Week this week because things happened and the deadline for last week was not met. Hope you enjoy!


Hello Pumpkins!...... No that sounded a bit weird. Did you not make it on the last COTW? Well maybe you made it on our HALLOWEEEEEEN SPECIAL MUHAHAHAHAHA! We'd thought we do a little extra for holidays. It'll be up in 4 minutes. Go check it out! -Tree


Hey y'all. It's ooktar letting you know that Comments of the Week will be posted soon. So maybe you can put down Mario Odyssey for a bit to come check it out. I understand if you can't though. I'd have a hard time leaving Pauline also.


Hey y'all, Perro here letting you know that Comments of the Week is up and ready! Now get over There! Also, I was born on this day some years ago so today is evidently my birthday!


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