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Comments of the Week 42: Don't get me wrong I love you


What does that mean I have to leave a comment?

Hello my little heartless, FakePlasticTree back to give you a recap of some of the best content, insights or laughs you guys have contributed the prior week. I've been re-playing Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, my favorite Kingdom Hearts game, and there's still a lot ot love about the game's overall gameplay that is keeping me hooked. Nintendo's revealed some neat things like a new Smash, more details on Mario Tennis on Switch as well as a Luigi's Mansion remaster/remake on 3DS. And in light of all this news there is a lot of comments and stuff to cover. So let's get to it!


Nintendo Switch titles get a boost in this week's UK Charts

FakePlasticTree: I'll wait for the Switch port.


Studio behind Skyrim Switch offers to port Monster Hunter World

My PS4: Aw Christ, you're playing Hitman today? And I was having such a swell time with the Kingdom Hearts Collection.


Trump's meeting with the games industry is set for March 8

FakePlasticTree: And somehow those videogames will still be allowed to purchase a gun at their local Wallmart.


StarCraft's 20th anniversary celebration will span multiple games

FakePlasticTree: A ghost that keeps on haunting

FakePlasticTree: The year 2077, next to Cyberpunk 2077.


Man At Arms forges NieR: Automata's Virtuous Treaty

FakePlasticTree: I want a real life wise-cracking version of Weiss.. only 1/3 people reading this will have played NieR to know who that is.


Rumour: GameStop insider leaks Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

FakePlasticTree: Whoa, slow down Activision. Leave some innovation for the rest of us!


Rumor: Blizzard is allegedly porting Diablo 3 to the Switch after all

FakePlasticTree: Reaper of Souls also happens to be the subtitle for the in-game auction house.


PSA: Bloodborne hits PlayStation Plus today and fans are celebrating with an event

FakePlasticTree: Damnit, Gehrman!


South Park has a reservation at Casa Bonita for March 20

FakePlasticTree: Ouch.


Look for a Geralt cameo in another game this year

FakePlasticTree: This had better be true.

FakePlasticTree: Gerart of Kyoto


The Gamergate play really isn't about Gamergate

FakePlasticTree: I drove through a red light recently because the timer would run out if I didn't and I would have to start the mission of "Not Getting Late to Work" all over again.


It looks like Devil May Cry HD's PC port has some problems

FakePlasticTree: They skipped straight to 3, no big whoop.


NieR: Automata team says there's one 'final secret' no one has discovered



Dissidia Final Fantasy NT's next character is a 'male from the newer half of the series,' will be unveiled next week

FakePlasticTree: My only experience with Auron is with Kingdom Hearts 2 and even then I agree.


Sega and Gallery Nucleus are teaming up for a Yakuza 6 art exhibit

FakePlasticTree: Yakuzan for a cruisin'


International Women's Day PS4 theme celebrates the great gals of PlayStation

FakePlasticTree: Where is Kat, indeed.


(Update) Dark Souls Remastered will be getting a Switch network test and Solaire amiibo

FakePlasticTree: Why would you stick this kind soul up where the sun don't shine you monster?


Super Bomberman R, former Switch exclusive, might be getting a PS4 port

FakePlasticTree: No


Someone visualized our deaths in Dark Souls

FakePlasticTree: Indubitably, while I wasn't too fond of the original Dark Souls' weird inconsistent landscapes compared to Yharnam. There's something good to be said about how tight the series overall map scheme was.


Super Mario Encyclopedia now available to pre-order

FakePlasticTree: And there you have it.


Kingdom Hearts Orchestra embarks on new World Tour this Summer

FakePlasticTree: Okay, you know what... you might have a point.


New Persona Dancing trailers show off Morgana, Akihiko and 'Commu' mode

FakePlasticTree: I am also curious about this.


Quickpost by Fuzunga

FakePlasticTree: Our predecessor COTW host has some suspect clairvoyant abilities.


Quickpost by Scrustle

FakePlasticTree: Who needs reaction videos to big announcements when you have the Quickposts of Destructoid?


Quickpost by dephoenix

FakePlasticTree: Clever usage of the photo mode, gotta love the photo mode in video games.


Quickpost by NakedBigBoss

FakePlasticTree: Or how to sell a game with 1 gif.


Quickpost by Zalno

FakePlasticTree: I mean, yes!


And that wraps it up for this week. Next up is our own manufacturer of limousines, who shall endow us with his Britishness such as bangers and mash. Or perhaps something else is up his sleeve? Find out in the next exciting episode of Dragon Ball Z.

Stay safe!


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