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Must Have Exclusive Games (DS)

Due to a lack of games that I really want to play with a review in mind, Iíve decided to do a different kind of blog post. This will be a list of all the games that I think you must have if you own a certain console, (which is kind of like...


Review: Batman: Arkham City

So, this is going to be my second review, and for it, Iíll be looking at Batman: Arkham CITY, not Asylum, like I keep on accidentally calling itÖ After getting Asylum as part of the Square-Enix pack deal on Steam a while back, I played i...


My Top Ten Games of all Time

It's pretty damn hard to make a top ten list of anything, esp games, with their many genres and styles. What makes it even harder is the number of games that I've played throughout my life, (which must now number in the thousands by now, a...



It took a while and a lot of hard work, (read "trouble"), but my first podcast is now up and running, and will take any questions that people have for the next recording which will be on Sunday. You can listen to it here: http://cjdeathbl...


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