NE: The Virtual Console has been succeeded by Switch Online

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Seeing comments on IGN reminds me that while I may not always agree with the Destructoid community, I love each and every one of you. ... ... Except Torch.


If Black Panther did one thing well, it got me to stop getting the heebeejeebees whenever I see one of those African lip disc guys.


Just a quick reminder to everyone that Wes is a Genji main and therefore not to be trusted.


Starting off the new year with a new question of the week that we're opening up to you. Want to see your answer on the main page? Give us a great response to the prompt below!


Just saw The Last Jedi. Final opinion: It's a bad film that eventually gets good and leaves the franchise in a much better place at the end than The Force Awakens did. Though they need to stop introducing unnecessary characters.


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I would kill everyone around me to get Retro Game Challenge 2 & 3 localized.


If you haven't already, last chance to fill out my Sony Bucket List survey


If you haven't completed this survey of Sony games I need to play, please do! Survey expires sometime Monday!


Care to help me complete my Sony Bucket List? Complete the survey found here:


Final call for PlayStation games I should consider for my bucket list!


I'd be more upset about the Switch launch line-up if I didn't have a years worth of Wii U games in my backlog I could be playing


I have access to the PS4 for about 10 more days, long enough for one review and first-time playthroughs of Journey, Inside and PT


Be honest: Should I bring back Fauxclusives? Yes or no?


I declare today that I will never shop Amazon again. Let's see how long that lasts


Sure they lost, the game was terrible, and I got sick from not eating anything all day, but I had fun at my first Seahawks game. Except for the asshole behind me who spent the whole game yelling and called me a bitch when I left.


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