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So, like, what the hell am I supposed to do with all of these?


Why are people so desperate for a Nintendo Direct?


Diets suck, but I'm getting really good at cooking chicken.


Guess I'm redownloading all of Kentucky Route Zero tonight.


Considering buying Simpsons Hit & Run for Xbox because a) I might be able to play it on the series X, and b) due to everything going on surrounding Apu, I'd hate to lose him as a character in a possible remake.


The update for A Hat in Time on Switch has now made the game a smooth enough experience that I think I'll actually give it a shot now. Was not impressed before, but based on the two levels I tried out, this update is what I've been waiting for.


Buffalo Sauce Take: I love buffalo sauce and also Madworld is still the best game PlatinumGames has made.


I don't know why everyone is so mad about Byleth being in Smash. It's certainly better than Strayghtleth making the cut


Reviews for Dolittle are so bad you'd think they included this plot from the original book:


This week's Podtoid is live and if you don't care, at least listen to the first 30 seconds to hear our new theme song from Alphadeus!


Thanks for all the wonderful notes on our Games of the Decade pieces. Today, the final one goes up.


I just got fooled by Euro date formats and I need to sleep and play Chocobo Dungeon okay #blessed


Meh, I'll vote tomorrow when the lines are shorter.


Hey ya'll, I have another Destructoid Discusses Question for you. If you want to see your name on the main page, read the prompt below!


Do you love Nendoroid figures? If you do, we want to hear from you for this week's Destructoid Discusses post!


Seeing comments on IGN reminds me that while I may not always agree with the Destructoid community, I love each and every one of you. ... ... Except Torch.


If Black Panther did one thing well, it got me to stop getting the heebeejeebees whenever I see one of those African lip disc guys.


Just a quick reminder to everyone that Wes is a Genji main and therefore not to be trusted.


Starting off the new year with a new question of the week that we're opening up to you. Want to see your answer on the main page? Give us a great response to the prompt below!


Just saw The Last Jedi. Final opinion: It's a bad film that eventually gets good and leaves the franchise in a much better place at the end than The Force Awakens did. Though they need to stop introducing unnecessary characters.


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