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3rd blawg entry. Introduction time Ö. Wuuuut!?

Greetings and salutations fellow D-Toiders! This is my third blog entry so I thought that itís high time to introduce myself :o) So uh my nameís Chris, Iíve been roaming these gaming hinterlands for 24 years now. Iíve started my journey wi...


Kunio-Kunís Soccer League

I've been cleaning the closet the other day and came across my old Pegasus controller (the console itself died a long while ago). What's a Pegasus you ask? Well since I was born in Poland in 1980s' (or to be specific in 1983) I could benefi...


SSX or SSX on Tour or maybe... ?

OK, so I've just came back from my leave and I have to tell you one thing... SNOWBOARDING ROCKZZZZzzzzz...! Well OK, it's painful and unforgiving when you make a mistake, first three days on board will probably be the worst days in your en...


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