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Manic Gamer: Episode II

Manic Gamer Vs. Under Defeat
"The Manic Gamer hits you upside the head weekly with his personal take on videogames and the industry"
And does he ever. I'm sharing this with you in case you for one haven't already seen the Manic Gamer on Doc Love's post since it is, after all his project but I've been helping out with it.

So anyways it's a game review with a lot of humor and a dash of WTF? Which sounds perfect to me. How can I not want those three things combined in the best way possible! The idea is to get you to check out the games you should have already played, but if you missed them you need to check them out...Immediately. That seems to be the agenda, but then again there could be no agenda and the Manic Gamer just wants to show you how wicked sweet these games are and you inadvertently want to check them out after...
There's a combination of images, as well as video of in game play with voice over narration. They're short, snappy and to the point, and Awesome.

If you've got the time, check it out and let me know what you think. It's still new, fresh of the drawing board so constructive criticism and input is always welcome, especially from you guys because it is an audience like you we're trying to reach and entertain.

If you like this one make sure you check out Episode one: Manic Gamer Vs. The Red Star... Thanks guys, Happy Gaming!
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