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A Gamer's Moment With 'Insert Name Here'

Iím sure everyone has had a similar experience to the one I had this morning. This morning during my shower, I was listening to the shower radio when the song Lay Down by Priestess came on. So I think Ďoh man I love this songí it starts playing and I find this weird sensation in my hand. I look down and my fingers are movingÖ odd I think. Then it hits me. Lay Down is one of the tracks on Guitar Hero III, which I was obsessively playing over Xmas at my parents place on my Dadís Wii. Even worse, my fingers were following the right color pattern: green green red yellow red yellow red blue etc. etcÖ And I yell YOU ROCK after the song... well ok I didn't do that... *shifty eyes* This, my friends is what I like to call a Gamerís moment. When the games we love find their way into our lives deliberately and quite subconsciously.

Thereís another aspect of the gamerís moment. The other that Iíve encountered more than once is when youíre in a room with people foreign to the industry and someone mentions a game and you go into a speech about something or several things about that game.
For example, as Iíve already mentioned I was playing Guitar Hero III on my Dadís Wii. My Mom picked this up for him and told everyone else in the room how she had heard about all the hype and thought that she would get one, my Dad is currently playing as sheís talking and Iím sitting watching. So Iím listening and start mentioning how yeah itís sweet and the track listings are awesome, but in comparison to the other two Guitar Heroís the songs donít match up with the notes as well. I've come this far, I keep going. And the wireless guitars have a lot of connectivity issues because of the fact that they come apart (side note: for the Wii, weíve had problems with the whammy bar quitting mid song and you have to plug the Wiimote back in), and how Harmonix used to own it but sold it to Activision and theyíre not utilizing the game as well as Harmonix did, but Harmonix is working on rock band which isÖ and I trail off. Iím not necessarily done, but as Iíve been talking Iíve been watching my dad playing and at that moment I glance around seeing everyone else in the room staring at me blankly. Then someone coughsÖ Then the song endsÖ

My Mom: ĎCan you play La Grange again?í
Me: Face Palm

That is another version of a gamerís moment, when you know more about something than any regular person playing the game could ever care to know. Ah well, one day Iíll get through to someone.
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