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Luc Bernard says "Au Revoir" to Destructoid

According to Kotaku, our generation's "Pat" has decided to pour some more sand into his/her vagina and/or penis. "Just yesterday the game was patched to make the giant bird enemies die a little easier, and Luc has informed me that more ch...


Why Battlefield: Bad Company is better than COD4

Oh man, you can tell when someone of my stature isn't around much (wait, read the next sentence). For those of you who are brand new, I'm the sarcastic guy. Howdy kiddos. Today I come to you with an important message. That message? Call ...


Diablo 3 is definitely coming

I'm a little confused. It seems that a lot of people are anxious on the edge of their seats wanting Blizzard to announce Diablo 3. Is it because you want the game to come out so bad or because you are afraid it's not being made? Because, i...


Why Tiger Woods is the biggest badass in sports

I wasn't aware as to how much I like Tiger Woods until after the US Open when I heard some guy say that he was rooting against Tiger. My initial reaction verbatim: "What?! Are you fucking kidding me? Fuck Russ. What a stupid faggot." Let ...


The Incredible Hulk 360 just lost a sale

I just got back from Best Buy where I spent $50 tricking out my Rock Band drum set up. I got the pad softeners, adjustable height base pedal, composite drumsticks, and an actual drumming stool. As I was going up front to pay The Incredibl...


The Destructoid WoW guild is born!

That's me, Parsecone, and I stood next to a guy I had gotten to sign the charter to show off how it looks. As for the tabard, I think it is the perfect medieval looking Mr. Destructoid. I can't believe there was something even that close....


New Video: Leggy Blonde

Last night in the late hours, I decided that I wanted to make a video of me singing a Flight of the Conchords song. But then I decided to kick it up a notch. I decided to play the guitar part on my NINTENDO DS!! I used Jam Sessions. Here's ...


Top 50 Destructoid users based on "Reach"

I have no idea what "reach" really means on the leaderboards. But clearly, if you are an editor you have a lot of it. Initial logic would suggest it means the amount of IP's or people are ... countries you reach, I dunno. But anyway, I de...


Sega Rally Revo isn't the secret deal @ Amazon today

Man, how long has it been since you saw one of these? Well, no matter, -D- and myself are committed to bringing back the deals (at least until they get so terrible we stop again.) Today's deal is Sega Rally Revo for the Xbox 360, PS3, a...


My Late Saturday Night Haul

Dude. I have been on the road forever. Last night I went to Best Buy and saw this gamer chair: I sat in it and determined it was comfortable enough for my tastes. However, they were sold out of the chair. When I inquired a sales person ...


What would Destructoid be without the CBM?

In the past year I've had the honor and privilege to get to know some of the most talented people here at Destructoid. These are people who have given us art, videos, songs, insight, witty banter out the ass, and shoops to die for. Friday N...


New Comic: Poor Theft Auto

Here is my newest comic. It's about Grand Theft Auto 4. I couldn't actually find any direct quotes from Little Jacob, else I would have just done that. Seriously though, what is that guy talking about?


Diddy Kong Racing Thoughts

I'm not gonna lie. I really liked Diddy Kong Racing for the N64. It had great tracks, the multiplayer was well implemented, the graphics were beautiful, there were awesome hidden things to find, the characters were fun and their skills va...


How reviewers f**cked up with GTAIV

I want you to think back SIX years ago when Grand Theft Auto III came out on the PS2. For me, it was one of the most shocking and unbelievable gaming experiences of my life. It had the freedom of the earlier GTA games, but everything felt...


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