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Live with Butmac makes it's return

So, apparently it's been over a year since I first did "Live with Butmac." So I say to myself, "self, since I'm in LA for E3, why don't I start up Live with Butmac again and broadcast a show each night with -D- recapping the days activi...


Ultimate Spider-Man 2??

Look at this interesting article about how Ultimate Spider-Man 2 may or may not have been cancelled of even made. If anyone played the first game then you would know that it was pretty sweet and a good follow-up to Spider-Man 2. But anywa...


Break that release date Wednesday!! Killzone 2!

Quick note - the Target next to where I live released Killzone 2 today two days early, so if any of you are chompin' to get it - check Targets and other places because it's weird to release a game on a Friday and obviously some stores ju...


New Video: Boosting (1 Problem)

What up suckas?! I thought I'd share with you all my newest video where I try out an energy drink marketed towards athletes and see it's effects on me, a gamer. I'll be honest the video has little to actually do with that.


We're f*cking pornstars and playing RE5 in Vegas

If you go to Las Vegas be sure to grab as many cards as you can from www.VegasLoveCards.com (coming soon, I kid you not we bought the domain name). Also, If you want to see the height of badassery, play Resident Evil 5 projected on the s...


NVGR Debate to the Death!!!!

Sorry Fronz, I'm hijacking your shit for a second. OK SO - I'm talking with -D- and he said he liked the movie "The Replacements" which in and of itself is terrible. But when I told him I had to go see "The Replacements" when it came out ...


How awful is Brian Crecente you ask? This awful...

Don't get me wrong, I'm in a cheery mood right now. The Christmas Spirit has bit me on the face. But I just was looking at Kotaku and saw...this. Here's my promise to each one of you reading this. I will do something with my life to pu...


No Punisher Movie for Marvel Fans [NVGR]

So I wrote this artcile over at Bags and Boards about the Punisher movie franchise and want to know how you clowns feel about it. http://bagsandboardspodcast.com/2008/10/20/no-punisher-movie-for-marvel-fans/ It wasn�t until around the...


The IMDB of Rock Band DLC

Rock Band DLC is a beast. It's one of the best things to ever happen to video games, ever. However, I've always been slightly disappointed in the lack of cohesion that the songs have as far as getting information on them online. The offic...


AC/DC Rock Band non-DLC Details Revealed

The first word that comes to mind here is "ouch." As in, "Ouch! $40 dollars is a lot of money to delve out on 18 songs!" But to me, the real ouch is that you can't cherry-pick the songs you want out of this pack. That's right, if you want...


Happy Dramatic Reading Birthday -D-!

Today marks the birthday of one of Destructoid's very own special members, -D-. For his birthday I decided I would do a dramatic reading from a mission statement of sorts about Destructoid. I think we all need a reminder of why we are her...


New Video - The Spirits of Jim Sterling

The following video stars -D-, tazarthayoot, Kryptinite, Hoygeit, and myself. We filmed this on the last night of PAX up in mine and D's hotel room at the infamous Red Lion. It should be noted that in the elevator on the way up to film this...


PAX 08: I could have written it but I made a video

It's really weird to me that I won't be seeing all of you again for quite sometime. It just felt natural that we would all like hang out this weekend or something. It sounds like Dtoid needs to build a commune. DESTRUCTOID THE CULT ...


PAX 08: Gaming Impressions

Surprise! PAX was an event! It happened just recently! It sure was fun being in attendance. But you can't really have attended PAX unless you write a note to every person you interacted with. So for that reason, I will not write a note to a...


Luc Bernard Quits

It's the end of an era. Well, for now at least. It would appear as if Destructoid's old friend Luc "The Fluke" Bernard has thrown in the proverbial towel. From his blog: "Ok this is basically a blog post to announce that I won't be con...


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