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Let's Kongregate: Dolphin Olympics 2 [Volume 4]


When I first decided to write about Kongregate on the blogs, this game was the challenge of the week.

I bring you, Dolphin Olympics 2. This little gem is one of the most played games on Kongregate, simply because, it's addicting. Personally, I am a complete sucker for skill based games like this where you have to achieve a certain distance, or launch a cat over certain obstacles. To me, that's the heart of Flash gaming.

The premise of Dolphin Olympics 2 is simple. You must help your dolphin get as high as possible without the aid of pharmaceutical narcotics (get it?). But this is no ordinary dolphin, you see. This dolphin has an exterior that can withstand exit and entry into our atmosphere. Oh yes, some might even say he's the best dolphin ever, second to none.

Anyway, to get your dolphin to get higher and higher you must jump out of the water, re-enter at an angle to that you keep your speed, and then jump out of the water again, repeating the process. As you climb higher and higher you will pass the Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, some asteroid belts, and even the fabled restaurant at the end of the universe. If you can do that then you will be able to take home one of Kongregate's impossible badges and 60 points to your gamer score.

The game is not all up-and-down motions though. The most significant factor working against you is the ocean floor. When coming down off a trip from Mars, it can be hard to turn your dolphin quick enough, so that you don't smack the ocean floor, losing all your built-up speed. There's also a 2-minute time limit, so when those precious seconds you've spent gaining momentum come to a halt when you hit the floor, you'll curse that you were doing SO well, but now there's only 30 seconds left. You can also do some pretty sweet tailslides and other tricks to get a multiplier going on your score.

On the negative side, Dolphin Olympics 2 doesn't have a lot of depth to it. Obviously, this isn't the point of the game. However, after a while, you start to get bored with getting your dolphin go up and down. It's very addictive at first - but after about an hour of dolphin jumping you'll have had enough. Also, there are little rings that you can hit on your way up that will greatly boost your speed. Unfortunately, hitting these rings is completely random and if you hit one going down, it's about the same as hitting the ocean floor. But if you're looking for an entertaining game to challenge other people in, and that looks and feels polished, then Dolphin Olympics 2 is for Chad Concelmo.

I mean you.

P.S. If you aren't apart of the Destructoid Kongregate community click HERE to join and be added automatically to my friends list so I can watch you fail trying to beat my gamer score.
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