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Intro Blog, Dead Space 2 Mastery, Skyrim Journal Story Intro, and Upcoming GSL!

Welcome to my blog! I would re-introduce myself, but you can just look to the right for a glimpse of Burn ;D

To get a squeeze more indepth on me however would probably be a good idea. I prefer if people know a bit about me first, before they discover through my exploits my details and nooks n' cranny's. I'm generally a kind person, though there are of course many human moments I have. Eg. "Wow, thats retarded" , "I hate that guy", "That shit pisses me off" etc.
I'm extremely long winded, even when I type. I just like to dump as much detail into what I'm saying, lest I leave out something that would make my probably obscure point fall on deaf ears.
My hobbies include spectating Starcraft 2, writing, chain smoking, reading web comics and memes, metal vocals (Both clean and screaming), analyzing music from a "uneducated yet passionate and still slightly knowledgeable point of view", Super Smash Bros with my bois, and of course... Video games.
Sonic the Hedgehog was my best friend through elementary school, and when I inherited my cousins SNES, I was introduced to the world of RPGs. Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy 2/4) became my idol, and Adol (Wanderers of Ys) was my right hand man. I've caught all original 150, I've defeated the Three Prime Evils, and traveled through time with the help of a hand sized blue instrument. I've seen things. Things that have made me laugh, cry, throw controllers, and feel love. I have gamed, and I am proud to be a part of the ever changing and unpredictable world that is gaming.
I played WoW for 5 years, though Cataclysm was the death of the addiction. It was an unhealthy yet experience filled section of my life. Though in the end it turned out to not be the best period at the time, I look back and say "I wouldn't have done it any different knowing what I know now." Why? Because I learned so much about friendship and myself through the adventures I had in Azeroth.
I'm a Silver league SC2 player, and my goal this year is to hit Platinum through 20 games on days off from work, and as many as possible on work days. When I get to school, I will change that to fit the schedule.

Thats me in a large nut shell! Now onto the goodies of the blog.

Dead Space:
When Dead Space 1 came out, I fell in love. The addicting "one more limb" game play kept me playing for months. In total, I have completed the game 10+ times. I got every achievement, and even beat Impossible the first time while completing the "One Gun" achievement (Beat the game using only the Plasma Cutter). In essence, I mastered Dead Space, something I aspire to do with the sequel.
I got Dead Space 2 late in the year, in August. I tried balancing that, Dark Souls, Dragon Age: Origins, and Two Worlds (Which I shamefully never beat to this day), and Dead Space 2 got lost in the crowd. Then Skyrim came out, and I forgot every other game in the world existed for weeks. However, with a the newfound time I've found between jobs, Dead Space 2 was finally beaten. Four times in the past 2 weeks! I'm training for Hardcore mode, because that shizz is no joke!

At the moment, I'm on my 3rd playthrough on Zealot, so I'm toying with weapons to figure out what I really want to take through Hardcore. I know the Plasma Cutter, because I can beat the game using just that gun (Sadly, there is no achievement for it, which I learned regretfully at the end of my first Zealot play through :(). I'm considering the Pulse Rifle as well, as it is an all-purpose weapon like the Cutter, an is a good "Ahh stay away!" weapon because of its rapid fire. The secondary shot is also very nice when dealing with overwhelming odds.
I played through Zealot today with the Ripper and Detonator. The Detonater is great when dealing with Stalkers and the moments when it is advisable to hold your ground, but otherwise it seems a little too situational to carry as a full timer, and the ammo racks up quick with no real return value credit wise. I may throw it in the bank and pull it out when I know I'm going to need it, but thats also a credit sink I could use for a new suit.
The Ripper is also in a similar boat. It does great damage, oh yes. And when dealing with the Pack, its perfect for grabbing insane amounts of loot before the bodies disappear due to the body limit, but when you need to back yourself into a corner to cover your back in multi-pathed or large rooms, it can lose effectiveness, as a keep-away gun like the Pulse Rifle or Force Gun would be much better. However, its raw damage output is a fantastic. It seems like a risk over reward kind of weapon. Question is, is the risk worth it in Hardcore?
On my next play through, I'm going to use Plasma Cutter, Ripper, Javelin Gun, and Force Gun, and see how I fare. If I pay more attention to my Cutter ammo, the Pulse Rifle can be negated. I often interchange the Cutter and Rifle, as ammo is common and they are both jack-of-all-trades weapons. Run low on Cutter ammo? Switch to the Rifle, and vice versa.. The Javelin Gun will be a kill-move gun for Pukers, whose big torso is a juicy target for impalement, and any other moments I find opportune. It's mostly an experimentation run with the Javelin Gun, so I will find its uses as I go.
The Force Gun was one of my dick-around guns in Dead Space, as its low damage but heavy stopping power was fun to play with, but not as effective as you would hope as the "shotgun" of the game. I hear, however, the damage has been upped in this installment, so I'm willing to give it a legit shot. I already know how to use it, no doubt. My corner standing tactic will benefit heavily if the hurt is dealt out with the Force Gun.
My general tactic from the first game has moved onto the sequel with mixed results: Find the best corner, stand there, and cover only 2 angles without worrying about your back. In the first game, this worked beautifully, as necros mostly consisted of Slashers, leapers weren't as deadly (Though they were still a pain in the ass) and Lurkers were much easier to kill. Also, there weren't fucking Pukers. I hate those fucking things.
In DS2, however, with the wider variety of necros and their more aggressive AI, the corner tactic works I would say 80% of the time. 15% is doing the good ol' leg-leg-arm-head that Wu-Tang patented before this games inception, and 5% doing the "stasis trick shot", where you shoot an arm off, stasis the necro, kinesis the blown off arm and impale them, essentially killing them with 1-2 bullets.
I'm nearly familiar with all the scares and how many necros and of what type are in each room, though sometimes I get taken aback in the 2nd disk. Also because of my TVs gamma settings, I have the brightness all the way up and its still pitch dark. Not complaining! It makes the game that much more enjoyable, but a few of the lying in wait necros that are on the floor take me by surprise as I run through the halls thinking I know what I'm doing. I hope to pin those down in this play through.
The end boss I have down pat. The first time though... I got so frustrated, haha! I think I died at least 10 times, though on my first play through I was also dying left and right due to being unprepared the entire time. But I know who to kill the Marker and Nicole now: Run around the edges clockwise, kiting all the Shadow Pack into a large clump. Upon reaching a specific rock formation that forms a small, tight, "hallway" (Not the one with a curve, the one after that) and turn around, blasting the Pack with the Pulse Rifle by sweeping them out. Nail Nicole, then unload the rest of my clip into the Marker. Lather, rinse, repeat. After 3 (Maybe 4 if some Shadow Pack threaten my bullet storming) rounds, the Markers down and I fly into Ellies Gunship. Ta-da!
I take my Dead Space very seriously. I'm not sure why. I know I love the unique and awesome weapons, shooting limbs off is oh so satisfying, and the eerie story and atmosphere get me going... But why am I so dedicated? I'm just not sure.

Tomorrow, I start my Skyrim journal story. I have already played Skyrim enough, but mostly the main quest line and a few sidelines. I've beaten it with 2 characters, both Nord warriors, as I freakin' LOVE Nords. When I heard Skyrim took place in... Well... Skyrim, I shit my pants, then proceeded to dance around the living room naked while the teaser trailer played on repeat.
My first was a two-handed Axe guy with max Enchanting and Smithing, so needless to say... I ate faces. My second was a sword n' board with a side of Alteration and Restoration, a typical Paladin style, my playstyle since Morrowind. This time, I'm going to play through with a consistent character though. One where, I hope, through my journal blogging, I'll be compelled to playthrough as much of the content as possible to build you all a compelling story.
It will be a Dunmer, an Ashlander. When Vvardenfell was wiped out, this Dunmer left his tribal home out of survival. In the overcrowded and destitute mainland of Morrowind, he was forced to survive by any means necessary. Being an Ashlander, he wasn't well liked by the civilized and Imperial Dunmer. Finding less room to live, as he needed open space out of habit and upbringing, he traveled West, to Skyrim. He wasn't aware of the war, until he was captured crossing the border.....

In Starcraft news, the GSL 2012 tournament starts in 9 days, and I couldn't be more excited! This will be my first time watching a GSL season from start to finish, and I cannot WAIT to cover it as it unfolds. I'm too excited. As Starcraft 2 matures, players become better and better, and with the level of play the pros are at now, there is only more room for evolving tactics and strategy. With the coming of HotS, people are becoming more and more adaptive to so many play styles its hard to keep up, we are on a cusp of leveling up the play, and I think this years GSL will hold most of the unfolding. We will have to wait and see!
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