DeS: Fortnites prize pool for its first year will be a staggering $100 million

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Power Rangers: Not Just Nostalgia

Nostalgia does things to ones psyche. It can make you believe you love something more than you actually do, it can make you do things. Think and say things. While it can be a dangerous venture, it can also be one of the more rewarding aspec...


Skyrim: Tale of the Ashlander

Skyrim: Tale of the Ashlander Precursor Dhraz-te had only ever known hardship. A Dunmer born to a family of Ashlanders after the Red Days, he was raised learning survival in a harsh, unforgiving environment. Though his family had escape...


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Welcome to my blog! My name is BurnxAsxEmbers (Just call me Burn :D) and I'm a gamer. Uh. Duh.
I've been gaming since I was 3 years old, and I'm now 21 (18 years bay-bay!). My favorite genres are RPG and tactic strategy.
I am a huge lover of Starcraft 2, and a goal of mine is to be known in the scene. This year I plan on gaining the aptitude to play, the ability to cast, and overall just be an e-Sport spokesman/player.
In this blog I plan on talking about my current works in progress, be they gaming goals, my game idea (My schooling path is to be a game director, and I have had a game series forming in my head and on paper since the 5th grade), or just gaming news I find interesting.
A little more about the non-gaming me: I'm a metalhead that does singing and screaming vocals, I love telling stories, and I follow the Jedi faith, though technically I am gray.

Current Blogging Subjects:
Dead Space 2 Mastery
Skyrim: The Ashlanders Tale
Starcraft 2 News (When time allows)