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Dreamcast: The Other Shmup Machine


BONUS! Segagaga Chapter 9

While it�s really just a mini-game, there�s no way I could neglect to include this one: Japan-only Dreamcast offering Segagaga is absolutely chock full of references to and parodies of Sega products across the company�s storied history, but it saved the coolest scenario of all for last. The final sequence of the game is � you guessed it � a side-scrolling shooter, in which you battle laser-shooting CDs and coin-blasting arcade machines to reach the final confrontation with (I swear I�m not making this up) giant, evil versions of all of Sega�s systems. If you don�t believe me (and even if you do) check the video below � the actual gameplay starts about 3 minutes in, but the opening anime cutscene is still worth watching for the cameos.


Well, there you have it � unless I screwed up and missed one, the entirety of the Dreamcast�s shooter stockpile is displayed before you. As was said, it�s not the biggest and/or baddest such repertoire ever assembled, but there�s still a load of great stuff here, which is especially impressive considering how frequently the system has served as a nerd-humor punchline. It�s clear, though, that the similarly-underappreciated shmup genre did not coldly leave the Dreamcast in the dust, even after just about everyone else had abandoned it for good � in the end, both the system and the games have come out all the better for it. In conclusion, if you want to celebrate Dreamcast Week in an unexpected way, dig up or track down a cheap copy of Giga Wing or Gunbird 2 and give it a go � you might just find yourself curious enough to seek out the more elusive titles afterwards.

Humble Dreamcast, for the small but vital role you have played, even after death, in keeping the old-school shooter alive and well, I gratefully salute you, and hope others feel compelled to do the same � may players continue to fry evil aliens on GD-ROMs in the years to come!
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