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The Forgotten Essentials � Part 1: RPGs

Welcome to my latest attempt to create a series worth reading, a small collection of articles that I choose to call The Forgotten Essentials. Herein, I�m going to write about a few of my favorite game genres, one at a time, and focus my a...


The Obscurer Tribune - Last Life

In this final (for now) issue I shall do my best to live up to the Tribune�s newfound label of Massiveness � thus, even if there�s not much to actually report, I shall show you all The True Power of Filler! Either way, once more into the ...


The Obscurer Tribune - To the Hilt

Hear ye � it has been officially declared that this news needs more attention! Please act accordingly!...then again, maybe you�d better not (more later). On to the news - Thanks to shmup forum-ite hirounder, I can share a couple of vide...


The Obscurer Tribune - Life Support

After passing under the radar last week, a very nice plug from the recaps for last issue � thanks much, Mr. Recapper. On to the news - More discouraging words on the shooter front � while it was already known that DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou ...


The Obscurer Tribune - Tragicomic

Don�t think the Tribune even made the recaps last time around�so I guess I�m short an easy intro to this issue. Moving on, then - On the shmup front, the Dux delays continue � the official blog now lists its estimated release date as �A...


The Obscurer Tribune - Something for Everyone

Missed the last �R� for the second time in a row�dangit! I refuse to dwell upon this (till next issue, anyway), however, and thus move things right along - In shooters, some good and bad news in store regarding the US release of Raiden ...


The Obscurer Tribune - Back to the Grind

Well, I think it�s safe to say that we�re back to business as usual here at the Tribune, after a couple of slightly-praised issues � these days we return to the status of having our name spelled incorrectly, though it�s not like anyone�s ...


KoF �98 Ultimate Match Impressions

Well, it took me a full week of searching after the listed release date to finally track a copy down, but I can confirm that I�ve at last gotten my grubby paws on SNK�s latest US release, King of Fighters �98 Ultimate Match on PS2. Releas...


The Obscurer Tribune - Load Blown

More rave reviews for the Tribune � we are now officially a great little series! Pendleton said it, so it MUST be true! Do beware of exploding heads while you�re here, however. First up, some quite worthy news on the shooter front � G. Rev...


The Obscurer Tribune - Snowed In

�Sweet Jesus, those are epic paragraphs full of win.� Yes, the critics (well, one critic) are raving about The Obscurer Tribune! Its immeasurable influence within the gaming community can now be felt as far away as�well, probably not muc...


The Obscurer Tribune - In the Thick of It

Welcome back to the ever-more-frequently-posted Tribune � even though no one reads it, there�s just so much interesting stuff happening these days that I can�t help but take some time to put as much of it as I can into one place. On to th...


The Obscurer Tribune - It Never Stops

�Back so soon,� you ask? Yes indeed � there�s just way too much obscure gaming news to disseminate of late, and I�m only too eager to keep at it, even if all of you normal people out there are downright sick of it. Onward we go - Startin...


The Obscurer Tribune - Too Much Love

Welcome back � believe it or not, this month�s Tribune is LESS than half DT recaps! It just gives and gives�or at least sneaks around elsewhere early and tries to get itself up before being beaten to the punch. First up, a semi-developme...


What It Means to Hate the Unhateable

I am officially a horrible, horrible person. For a time I was in shameless, self-serving denial over this simple, stunningly obvious fact. I feebly resisted every guttural impulse I had, quaffed deeply the golden mead of the good, decent...


The Obscurer Tribune: On the Threshold

OT recap-ism of the week � �Why Does No One Care?� Because if they did, it just wouldn�t be the Tribune. Okay, on to the actual content � this isn�t really �news�, per se, but Adigun A. Polack of the Shmups forum recently posted some ver...


Semi-Closing Thoughts on Ar Tonelico II

A few of you read my sorta-impressions of the latest Gust localization a week or two ago � well, now I�ve �finished� the game and figure that I probably ought to add a few additional musings on the title for anyone who might still be curi...


The Obscurer Tribune - Frothing Demand

Welcome back. Starting, as I frequently do, with shooter news, the 360 port of Cave�s second side-scrolling shooter Death Smiles, whose release date was noted last issue, is now up for pre-order at NCSX and Play-Asia � moreover, the con...


The Obscurer Tribune - Can't Hold It

�The Obscurer Tribune, how have I not seen this series yet?� �surely you jest, sir. The whole point of this feature is to have nobody actually read it�or so it�d seem, anyway. In any event, even though I just put out an issue the other d...


The Obscurer Tribune - Hope Against Hope

Three posts in three days � well, it just wouldn�t be right to not have at least one installment of Destructoid�s least-read reoccurring feature included in there someplace. Let�s jump right into the shooter news for starters � first off...


ShortBlog - Link to MuchLongerThing

This entry will be quick, but it has a link or two to a load more reading material, of especial interest to those with even a passing fancy for the scrolling shooter genre. Without further ado: Some of you might have at some point followed...


Ar Tonelico II - So Far

Well, my copy arrived a bit less than a week ago, and I�ve been playing it since � at this point I�m a good chunk into the game, though I haven�t yet finished it. In essence, I�ve played too much of this to post �impressions� of it, and ...


The Obscurer Tribune #4 - New Year, More Weird

Happy 2009 everyone � to start the year off right, here�s your next dose of under-the-radar gaming news. Heck, maybe the strangeness of some of the featured titles will help to jar you out of your current alcohol-induced dream state. Movi...


Obscurer Tribune #3 - BIG Releases on Horizon

This entry is a bit sooner to appear than most of the OT issues so far (especially considering that nobody read the last one), but there�s one composite item in particular that I just couldn�t wait to report � I�ll save that sucker for la...


One More Persona Contest Entry

Rather than taking up an inordinate amount of space in the already-crowded contest topic, I figured I�d post my entry for the competition here, and link to it from there. Hopefully it�s in on time. Either way, without further ado � To s...


The Least-Consequential Top Ten List of 2008

As a relative newcomer to this site, I doubt that very many people are particularly interested in my personal favorite games of the year � not so much, perhaps, because nobody knows I exist (though that�s certainly true), but because the...


The Obscurer Tribune # 2

Welcome to the second issue of The Obscurer Tribune, where the only thing lower than the price of admission is the number of actual readers. First on tap today is the recent release of ADK Tamashi for the PS2, a collection of five (mostl...


The Obscurer Tribune #1

First, a quick explanation � despite my better instincts (and an overwhelming air of disinterest) I�m going to try to make my postings of fringe/niche gaming news a relatively regular affair, and have thus given them an official title, na...


More Random Obscure Gaming News (Hula Wii!)

Once more I feel the urge to share a bunch of game-related information that nobody else cares about in the least � without further ado, off we go! First up, I mentioned in my previous �Obscure News� entry that much-anticipated (relatively ...


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