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The Obscurer Tribune # 21

Time to celebrate yet again, everyone � the Tribune is now legally old enough to drink!...if you�re generous enough to equate �weekly issues� with �years!� Don�t worry, though, I�ll find SOMEthing to highlight for every single issue if I ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 20

Get out your noisemakers, because this issue of the Tribune happens to have a round number attached to it! Or you could just read the past week�s obscure gaming news as usual, since there�s certainly plenty of it: --------- I�ll sta...


How-To: Atelier Annie

I frequently recommend obscure games to others: this often means urging players with more �mainstream� sensibilities than mine to venture into somewhat intimidating territory, at a loss for how to react to certain unusual features and des...


The Obscurer Tribune # 19

Only one more issue to go until our big 20th Issue Blowout Party!...huh? �What am I planning for it?� I thought you were in charge of the planning! Guess I�ll have to call back the catering company�in the meantime, here�s this week�s oddb...


The Obscurer Tribune # 18

Well, I finally got that article I�d been promising for the past few weeks finished�whew! Now to get to work on that new series I�ve been promising even longer than that�first things first though, here�s this week�s offbeat gaming news re...


Shmups: Gaming's Equal-Opportunity Employer

Funny where an idea for a blog can come from: a few weeks ago, as his theme piece for �The Forgotten�, Cadtalfryn posted this writeup about M.U.S.H.A., a scrolling shooter for the Genesis. As nice as the piece was, the article itself isn�...


The Obscurer Tribune # 17

Phew, been a busy week�as a result, obviously I wasn�t able to get my latest non-Tribune article out as soon as I�d hoped. It�s nearly done, though, so next week for sure! In the meantime, why not catch up on the latest oddball goings-on ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 16

Ah�the sweet sixteen. It';s a pretty meaningless number, really, but still - only two more issues �til the Tribune can vote (of course, it�ll pick some no-name third-party candidate who�ll never win every time)! Still a ways before it can...


The Obscurer Tribune # 15

As I mentioned here, the Tribune is responsible for almost three out of every five blogs that I post � time to continue to skew the equation further, as there�s truckloads to cover this week! --------- G. Rev, the developer of Border ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 14

First off, let me take a moment to thank any and all who decided to take a chance on something different and import Mushihime-sama Futari, as I encouraged/threatened you to do last issue � I�m proud to have you as readers. The rest of you...


The Obscurer Tribune # 13

I delayed posting this Tribune by a day or two in an attempt to cram as much TGS stuff in here as I could � hopefully I didn�t miss anything too weird. Anyway, on to the (loads and loads of) coverage: --------- ALL OF YOU, READ THIS I...


The Obscurer Tribune # 12

A little bit later than usual this week, but that�s because there was such a HUGE amount of news to compile. As such, I�ll shut up and let you get to it: --------- Some of you might have already seen the 360 import shmup feature in th...


The Obscurer Tribune # 11

Time to start up a list of conspiracy theories as to the significance of the eleventh issue since the Tribune�s return appearing on 9-11! Because everything that happens on any September 11th these days is historically significant! Riiigh...


Dreamcast: The Other Shmup Machine

Most video game systems, once they �die�, are forgotten relatively quickly in favor of their successors � at best, one may be fondly, if briefly, recalled when a classic of its heyday comes up in a �retro� conversation. Few consoles make ...


The Obscurer Tribune # 10!

Would you look at that � it�s been a whole ten issues since the return of The Obscurer Tribune! In commemoration, not only am I debuting some brand new 620-wide section banners to fit the new c-blog format, but I�m officially retiring the...


Up Close: The Muramasa Pre-Order Art

If you read my blog (all two of you) you�re aware that I rarely do �spur of the moment� posts, but I thought that the community might enjoy this one. Here�s the story: Yesterday I popped into one of my local Gamestops and chatted for a bit ...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix # 9

Well, if any of you out there haven�t yet sworn never to read my blog again after this post, here�s this week�s rundown of offbeat gaming news items: -------- Japanese DSiWare customers are going to have a new shmup available from Arik...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix # 8

Historically speaking, this is a pretty sizeable Tribune, though after last week�s monster it looks positively puny�lots of interesting stuff therein though, I promise! Onto the news items - ---------- Shmup company extraordinare Cave...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix # 6

Well, if any of you long-suffering readers out there haven�t yet collapsed and died trying to get through my most recent ramblings (or heck, even just seeking a way to safely bypass their sizable girth), here�s the latest batch of assort...


Obscurer Tribune (Not-So-)Mini-Mix # 5

Considering how few people read this as it is, I probably shouldn�t be posting this so late on a Sunday�then again, not like I have much to lose as it is. On to the news items: --------- VERY early and shaky reporting here, but it�s t...


Obscurer Tribune (Not-So-)Mini Mix - # 4

Yeah, at this point the thing is so bloated that I couldn�t look at the �normal� title without getting embarrassed. Anyway, on to the copious heaps of obscure gaming news - ---------------- Here�s one for those who enjoyed some of th...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix - # 3

Welcome back to The Obscurer Tribune, where everything is �below the fold.� This issue you�ll notice that I�ve tweaked the layout a little further � I�ve split the previous �Others� section into �Role-Playing-ish� (since I tend to cover...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix - # 2

Well, the first issue of the newly-revamped Tribune was�well, about as successful as the old format was, not to mention that it still made �WordToid� despite my attempts to shorten it up a bit. Guess that�s just the nature of the beast�w...


Obscurer Tribune Mini Mix - # 1

Well, looky what we got here (no, not a multi-assault tank, rookie...and no, pretty much nobody aside from me is going to get that reference). Yes, lady and gentleman (considering my readership I don�t think the use of plurals is appropri...


Regarding E3: I�ve Already Got Plans

Don�t get me wrong, I�m enjoying reading about what�s happening over at the show this week, and keeping up on what�s coming out, the same as most everyone else � after all, even the games and doodads that I have little personal interest i...


The Forgotten Essentials � Part 3: Fighters

Hello again, and welcome to the final (for now) installment of �The Forgotten Essentials,� which devotes a little time to looking into genre-specific elements of game design that can make all the difference between an �okay� title and a t...


The Forgotten Essentials � Part 2: Shmups

Welcome back to my �Forgotten Essentials� series, wherein I take a little time to discuss what I consider to be the �not-so-obvious� things that developers in a given genre ought to make a priority if they want their product to make the v...


My Very First DS

Yep, you read right � just a matter of days ago I finally joined the ever-expanding ranks of DS owners, several years after this announcement would have even remotely impressed anybody. For me, though, this is a very big thing � not so mu...


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