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Best New Pokemon

Pokemon Black & White are selling like hotcakes, and already earning a place in the heart of many fanboys. Some of them have a love-hate relationship with the new Pokemon, because some are awesome, and some are dreadful. I want to to hea...


Pokemon Black Review

Pokemon Black and White prove to be the most impressive and unique Pokemon games since Gold and Silver I love Pokemon! I have Pokemon blood in my veins, and I'm always winning! I picked up Pokemon Black from EB Games after a hard day at s...


The PS2 must die!

It was 2004, when the PS2 had cemented itself as the king of the gaming market, and nobody could come anywhere near it. I was never a fan of Sony game consoles, but the PS2 was just cool! You couldn't argue with it's games. Dragon Quest 8,...


"DS is Gay"

I've got a story about how poor the values of most High School students are. It was Saturday, and I was on Facebook. I was talking about how awesome the 3DS was, when some kid comes and says "gay". I logically reply, saying "What's so gay...


Pokemon: An Influential Series

Go ahead! Say that Pokemon is a fad, that it's for little kiddies, that I'm too old for it, that it was never good, but I'm 14 and I love it! It's been the biggest influence on me as a gamer. I wouldn't be a gamer if Pokemon didn't exist. ...


$349AUD for the 3DS?!

When I heard that the 3DS would be $349 here in the land of Oz, my jaw dropped. That's just a huge amount of money to pay! Our dollar's stronger than the US, so it makes it even more blindingly obvious that we're playing much more than th...


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