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My First Day With The 3DS


This is my 11th Day with The 3DS, and every day I've had it has been a blast. I'll tell you about my experience with this device of the Gods! I was going to do my first week, but that would take me a week to write.

Me with my 3DS
After School, I went over to the shopping centre. I was exhausted after finishing off the day with cross country, but I kept walking, because I wanted that 3DS so bad. I met my Mum at EB (Becuase I can't trade in without an adult) and went to the front to get my 3DS, where I could see my English teacher getting her son one too. I said goodbye to my DSi, Spirit Tracks, NSMB Wi, SVR 2010 and GTA:Chinatown Wars, as I handed them over to the douchebag employee, who was less douchy than usual. He went out to the backroom and came back with my Cosmos Black 3DS. I looked in awe at it. It was love at first sight. Then, the bad news came: 'Make sure to charge it for 4 hours before playing" said the douchebag.

I got Super Street Fighter IV 3D and Nintendogs+Cats Golden Retriever with it. After charging it, I went through all the setup processes and made my Mii:

He's the most awesome thing on this planet! I did get a couple small-eyed, retarded Miis at first, but after a couple more attempts, I got it.

I started off with Nintendogs+Cats, picking up a precious little Beagle I named Matt, who's pictured above. One of the first things I realised, other that the bedazzled 3D and greatly improved visuals, was how much easier it was to give commands with the microphone. On the original Nintendogs I had some real difficulty teaching my puppy tricks because the microphone wasn't picking up my commands right, but I was able to easily teach my little Matt some great tricks and win some prize money.

My little puppy! so tasty, SO JUICY!!!!!

Afterwards, I had a little go at Super Street Fighter IV. I'm not that big a Streeet Fighter fan, but I have great fun whenever I play it. I struggled a bit trying to find the fighter for me. Eventually, I found myself comfortable with Blanca.

I began to miss Matt, so I went back to Nintendogs. I did The Lure Coursing competition, which my dog stuffed up, leaving me with $10 prize money. I used that money to buy him some cute glasses:

Oh! Did I mention that I bought a little Kittie? My useless feline is called Lucky! He can't do anyting, except for fight with Matt.

I tried out all the other features on the 3DS menu. The AR was my favourite part. It was great fun playing those games. I took some pics with the 3D Camera (Which look so much better on my 3DS than on your computer screen, by the way) and played Face Raiders for a few minutes. The 3DS was so jam-packed with features, I didn't need games to have the time of my life.

That was it for my first day! One of my favourite things about it is the new Slide Pad Analog Stick, which is actually really comfortable, easy to use, and not awkward like the PSP or, by the looks of it, The NGP. I'm also intrigued as to how the 3D and motion controls will be implemented. Other than the short battery life (Which didn't bother me, being that I'm so close to home) It was perfect. Another dose of magic from kings of Gaming known as Nintendo!
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