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Open letter to NIMF

National Institute of Media and the Family started to blast Madworld today, stating it sullied and corrupted a once family friendly console.

I got fed up and sent them this letter. They probably wont responnd but I don't care, I got my point across.


This comment regards the Madworld statement you made recently, stating that the Wii is a family friendly console.

Please do not assume that you know anything about the Wii, other game consoles or the medium in general. The Wii is a 'player' oriented console with a strong focus on providing entertainment for everyone, not just the family. Some may want a more mature experience on their console, akin to an adult buying an R rated movie for his DVD player. Also, there have been equally or more violent games for the Wii in the past, you are just attacking the game because of the fact that there is blood on the cover. Never assume that a console is just made for one group of people, as it is incorrect and simply wrong, on a moral level, to postulate.

Furthermore, it is irresponsible and wrong to generalize gamers as children or socially maladjusted. Most of us are hard working, intelligent adults between the ages of 15 and 30 and most Wii owners are not children but of this older demographic. Please, as a request of �gamers�, as we are often called, refrain from trying the nanny the universe. Parents should not have their child rearing done for them and the game ratings are visible and informative enough. You serve as a catalyst for media furor and the complaints of uninformed and unintelligent interest and parent groups. Please leave our subculture alone so we may continue to thrive and evolve, hopefully without the input of the ignorant and quick to anger such as yourselves.


Has anyone realised that maybe we should put dumb motherfrakkers like this in front of a god damn firing squad, so they can't continue to sully our entertainment with their sickening, high horse morals.
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