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What Happened!?


So...I've been spending the last week playing Lego Batman, and a funny thing happened.

I can't stop.

It started off innocently enough. Bash some blocks, pick up studs, smile at the antics of the little Lego heroes and villains. However, somewhere in the first few hours of play a switch got flipped in my brain. As the studs are counted up there is a jingling noise, like change lightly bouncing in one's pocket. That noise is like crack, or probably more accurately, heroin. A sweet rush of serotonin fired by neuroprocessors in my brain, making life around me fade away. "I need more lego's...".

That was a week ago, and since then Lego Batman is all I play. I quickly realized that I could fairly easily nail all 1000 gamer points on the game, so I've been collecting ever since. Tonight will be the end of the quest, with just two more missions to go in Free Play. My wife is going to be very excited that it's over, she doesn't understand the addiction. There is one problem, I can't do the cooperative acheivement due to having one controller, and if we did indeed have two, she would almost definitely deny me the pleasure of the perfect 1K to not enable the addiction. Anyone want to come over and play?

At least I still have you Lego Indiana Jones...
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