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Whoever designed the Wings of Mercy skill in FE Heroes deserves to be kicked in the balls.


BGAE2 will not happen. Don't get your hopes up.


I'm really excited about Days Gone. I felt the need to write this, because nobody else on this planet has.


The year is 1911, the decline of the American Old West. John Marston, a former outlaw, has just had enough of regular pickup trucks: Flatbed Invention


I wanna get a large facial tattoo so people stop talking to me. (You guys are cool tho')


I love this song and it's the highlight of the new album for me. Buuuut I can't get the image of Randy Marsh singing the "no, no, no" parts out of my head.


I was bored, so I decided to go on a rhyming streak. I'll keep this up all week, despite any critique I might get from the clique.


I'm working ahrd on COTW ATM and every time I come across a comment from a certain frontpage user who will remain unnamed I can't help but hear "CRAAAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIN; THESE WOUNDS..." in my head. Some people need to lighten the f* up. ;D


Putting my PS skills to use with this latest piece, I call "Oh Ubisoft..." dedicated to @abletothink




I finally finished my picture for Bass' "Dtoid-Draws" blog. That was A LOT of work. Looking forward to see your submissions as well!


I feel like Vadicta was trying to tell either me or RoboPZ something when he changed his name. I just can't figure out what.


When you're proud of a silly comment you made, but it's your turn to host the COTW and it therefore has no chance of being featured.


You guys and gals are the best. Also very lurk-able.


So yeah.... two hours of getting chewed out. Fudge everything.


I slept 2 hours at most. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Sorry.


I can't sleep because my annual performance review is coming up in a few hours. These things make me nervous as heck. I can't stand being judged. It's especially bad because nobody knows what I even do all day... which isn't just shitposting BTW.


I'm so damn addicted to "Hamilton", I'm getting really bummed out that I'm probably never going to have a chance to see it live. This is driving me up the wall.


I think we need to bring back dueling. With Flintlocks.


I hope I'm not the only one giggling for the wrong reasons, whenever the "Phan-site" is mentioned in Persona 5.


I'M PHINALLY PHINISHED! Behold: Frieza's philnal phorm: PHRIEZA!


Like really? Whales are pretty hilarious.


I hereby vow to henceforth resist the temptation of purchasing new video games, until I haveth finished Persona 5, Nier: Automata and Yakuza 0.


I want this for a cross promotion.


How many of you use the (superior) dark theme for Dtoid?


Oo my creative process in a GIF.


I'm in Tier 16 in Fire Emblem Heroes. I still haven't spent a cent on the game and always get matched up with multiple +7 teams in the arena. I should have named myself Ahab, because I'm slaughtering these whales left and right.


Me and LimoMaker have fun. He doesn't really know about it, but we do. Okay maybe it's just me. Here's a first draft for Phrieza:


Excuse me. I don't mean to impose, but I am the ocean.


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