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Celebrating a mate's birthday. The bar's in the red light district. This is really really awkward for an antisocial cave dweller like me.


I've been impartial for too long. It's time to make a stand. Hotdogs are technically sandwiches, HOWEVER the term hotdog is used to refer primarily to the sausage, not the dish. A sandwich refers primarily to the bread. Hotdogs are not sandwiches.


#confessiontoid I'm an actual real life supervillain. I'm killing the entire population of earth with time. I've been doing so since life began. Unfortunately my powers work on me as well, but I can reincarnate. I'll get you too. Just you wait.


Dear Destructoid. Please don't send me an email every single time my sausage fingers enter my password incorrectly. I know that I'm an idiot. I don't need you to tell me.


Marriage is when you give your beloved the silent treatment, because she ate the last of the snacks you explicitly bought and reserved for yourself and now you have nothing that goes well with your beer. Fury.


The way this is sorted reminds me of someone introducing their adopted alcoholic brother-in-law to their friends.


Okay, who killed Larx and why did he/she replace him with a thesaurus? I mean, I love it, but I want to know WHY.


Who wants to marry me for a greencard? The deals this: I get the card and you cook&clean for me while I still date my wife. You may get to babysit my daughter on the weekends.


Is Cory In The House seinen or shounen?


I have nothing to say, but feel compelled to make a QP. Move along.


How do I have 50 followers? All I do is blurt out nonsense.


Okay, according to google it is almost impossible to say anything thoughtful or meaningful, without coming across the wrong way. 6-8%


I'm not saying you should stop, but y'all need to stop with the OPs. Ain't nobody got time to listen to all of dat.


Damn you character limit! Amazing poem inside...


I need a theme song for kicking butt and taking names and procrastinating.


Guardians of the Galaxy 2 spoilers inside.


Unpopular opinion: Mindless collectathons like FFXV's monster hunts, The Sexy Brutale's playing cards or anything in any Ubisoft game ever, have merit.


Give me a crazy video game hill to die on. I'm in the mood for an argument excercise.


Guess who's back! And what the hell is going on with you folk?


I want to buy this poster. Usually spaceships look like dicks, but this one looks like a mixture between tits and ovaries. I need to preserve this.


Heisenberg should have called his meth "More" and enjoyed all the free advertisement from Disney princesses.


The fact that I can say "Chris Carter has literally reviewed Everything" will never stop being funny to me.


I like QPosts. Does this mean I'd like twitter? Edit: The consesus seems to be a resounding no. No social media for me! Unless Dtoid counts.


I got next week off. The best part is I didn't know. This is better than finding 100$ in an old coat.


I was gone for like 5 minutes...


There should be platonic dating apps for gamers. Like Tinder. I seriously need a good gaming buddy in my life...


The Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court DLC is kicking my ass on scrub difficulty...


I'm a wee bit late, but I want to say that every Father's Day should be Daughter's Day instead. Because mine is the best. Way better than your kids. Yours will probebly become strippers and fidgetspinners. Maybe both. Mine will unite the clans.


I haven't bought any games at all since my announcement that I wouldn't, until P5 and Yakuza0 are finished. The thing is, I discovered a great trick to doing this. My credit card expired and I haven't bothered to update it in steam. @lifehaxx


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