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Thanks for appreciating my stuff.

Now then. That's a catchy title right? Well here's the thing. I have this weird obsession with the Phalanx Pheller and it has brought A LOT of joy to my days. I think screwing around in Photoshop was more enjoyable to me than half the ...


Memories Of FFXV And My Waifu

Hello dear reader and welcome to my confession. My triumphant proclamation of adoration.The following will be written in the first person, as I have never felt more connected with a protagonist. During our travels and the grand finale,...


About BruceZone of us since 11:21 AM on 08.04.2014

Bruce Waynez, more commonly known as ZombZ, has been a long-time member, moderator, author, benefactor, admin and oracle of Destructoid.

His work and contributions are a gift to this site and a shining example of what the pinnacle of mankind can only aspire to be.

Apart from the insightful and outrageously funny comments, Bruce is also known and envied for his creation of various artworks.

(Almost nothing of that was true. Please don't ban me.)

Monster girls rule.

And so does this guy.

Here's some art from the master himself, Inquisitive Ravenclaw:

This is a thing Dangus Taargus made during The Great Pixeling of '16:

Memetic Phalanx Pheller! Thank you DeScruff Sypran <3

I'm Batman.

Bang me on BNET: