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"Six Days of Controversy" or "Intolerable Hypocricy"

Two days ago an anonymous source claimed that Six Days in Fallujah was finished and vowed to get it published. That's the news. Now let's analyze it. Six Days in Fallujah Controversy Six Days in Fallujah epitomizes hypocritical doubles s...


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Why “Are We New At This?”
It’s an inside joke more than anything else. I led a guild for a very long time, and one of things I’d say whenever we wiped on an old encounter was: “Come on guys! What are we new at this?” That sort of stuck, and soon became a catchphrase for literally any sort of failure. Even when I accidentally stammered or misspoke on vent, someone else would simply say: “Come on Bronte! What are you new at this?” Narcissistic? Maybe. But its a fond connection I have to old friends and good memories.

Why “Bronte”?
No idea. For as long as I can remember, whenever a game asked me to create a profile, or create a character, or enter a name, my first choice was Bronte. I also use Pantheon and Prometheus on occasion.