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Tales of Etrian Odyssey

The Story of how flowers came to grow inside the Labyrinth

Once, as tales go, there was a group of adventurers who called themselves "The Titans Guild". The members were great friends. Some say they were much older then they seemed to appear. Some claim they were only teenagers, some claim they were as old as the world itself, but mostly, they are known as heroes. The guild consists of, Hercules, the strong and heroic Landsknecht. Dionysos, the warm and gentle Dark Hunter. Pan the Troubador, who seemed to always be ready for a new bed partner, and “The Lovers”, as they were called. Zephyrus, the gentle Alchemist, and Hyacinth the kind Medic. Many rumors circulated around Zephyrus and Hyacinth. Many of them, far more vicious then need be. But this story, I happen to know is the truth. Maybe it seems outlandish, or maybe you just think of me as crazy, but this story is true!

Many years ago, after hundreds of adventures together, The Titans guild had made plans to travel farther, deeper into the Labyrinth then anyone had ever been before. Many people begged them not to go. “It will be your death!” the people cried. But the friends did not listen. They had each other, and that is all they needed.

For days they prepared. They gathered what they thought they would need. After packing their bags full with items and extra equipment, they set off. For days they traveled, going deeper and deeper. No FOE could stand in their path and keep its life. After days of travel, they set up camp under a large tree. As Zephyrus was building a fire, a stranger walked into their camp. He held his hands high, as a sign of peace, and spoke “Hello, Titans. I only ask that I may camp with you tonight. There is strength in numbers, you know.” he smiled, and the friends couldn't help but trust him. There was something about him, he seemed to warm any area he was in, making the atmosphere bright, and sunny. As they ate their humble meal, Hyacinth began chatting with the newcomer, who they had found was named Apollo. They chatted long into the night, before laying down close together, and sleeping. Zephyrus, not being one to be angry, told himself they were only friends. His beloved Hyacinth would never betray him. Despite all of this, he went to sleep angry that night.

Early the next morning, Pan awoke first, only to find that Apollo and Hyacinth were missing. Being the person he was, he grinned to himself, and assumed they had stole away in the night to sleep together. After letting his mind wander a bit, thinking of what they might be doing, he woke the others, and gave them the news. Zephyrus became enraged with jealousy, and began cursing the stranger. “I knew he couldn't be trusted!! I knew when I first saw him! I knew he would kidnap Hyacinth! He is only a Medic, and that devil is a Survivalist!” After saying this, he ran deeper into the Labyrinth, fueled only by rage. The others had no chance to catch him. After hastily packing, they set off, following their friends footsteps.

After running for what seemed like hours, Zephyrus came to a clearing where he found the two he had been searching for. Apollo stood, holding a discus he had fashioned from animal bones, and dried animal skin. He threw it to Hyacinth, who happily caught it, throwing it back. “Catch that!” he yelled. Apollo laughed as he grabbed it easily. This made Hyacinth pout, and the two shared a kiss. Seeing this, Zephyrus screamed in rage. His powers began to grow inside him, his rage boiled forth from inside. Just as suddenly as he had appeared, he fired a huge ball of fire at his former love. Hyacinth, seeing the attack, shielded Apollo at once, and took the full force of the blast. Apollo franticly searched his bags for a healing item, but the attack was too great, Hyacinth had been killed. The Titans guild had arrived not soon after, and had been struck with grief. They buried their friend in the Labyrinth that day, and made a grave marker from stone they had collected.

Not long after, Zephyrus left the guild. No one knows what became of him, but some say he died, having a sad and lonely life. Apollo, however, joined the titans guild. They made regular visits to their friends grave. On their first visit, however, they discovered a small patch of flowers had sprung up from their friends grave. With each new visit, they found more flowers. Some say, the flowers are magical, and I believe it. Did you know, each and every flower inside the Labyrinth is a descendant of the flowers that first grew on top of Hyacinths grave? That is why, today, we call them “Hyacinth Flowers”!
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