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I'm now a Level 30 human with 12 years of experience as a gaming, tech, and entertainment journalist. I've managed several teams, written hundreds of articles, appeared in dozens of publications, and I have many exciting projects to come.


Hey, space cats. Just thinking about the Dtoid peeps. Miss you. Love you. 😘


About Brittany Vincentone of us since 12:05 PM on 11.01.2008

Hello, all! I used to work here, and now I don't. But when I did, I was an Associate Editor. I loved (and still love) the community very much!

I'm an accomplished video game and freelance entertainment writer whose work has been featured in esteemed publications and online venues like G4TV.com, Mashable, Joystiq, Playboy, IGN, GamesRadar, VG247, Kotaku, Rolling Stone, Nerdist, TechRadar, The Escapist, Gamezebo, GameSpot, and more.

I've been writing professionally for ten years and enjoy combining my lifelong love of gaming and extensive video game knowledge with my passion for the written word.

You can follow me on Twitter @MolotovCupcake! Also, check out my portfolio at SpaceBunniesMustDie.com.

Thanks, Ooktar!