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Friends at Destructoid! Thinking of starting a Patreon to fund a project I'd like to work on related to classic educational games. If I were to do so, would you be interested in supporting it? Written and video content, new website.


Just snagged Microsoft Bob for $5, YES! I'm also working on a piece about SkiFree. I wish it were the '90s.


Rally-ho, Destructoid! Just writing weekend stories. There's a Yume Nikki remake coming and I just bought a phone case of Kaz Miller wearing a flower crown. What an amazing world it is. Hail 2U!☆ You can see my latest stuff at


Hey, lovelies! It looks like there's a lot of changes going on here. How's everyone doing? Look for some words by me in the upcoming Guinness World Records 2017 Gamer's Edition, and feel free to say hey on Twitter. What's everyone playing?


Hi dolls! I love and miss you. Tell me something interesting you've been up to. I'm blonde now. I hope you had a great holiday season and really love the game Angel Devoid: Face of the Enemy. I'm hoping to have a book out in the next year. <3 Kisses!


I was asked last time I popped in to come by more. What's up, guys? How are you all doing?


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