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You know, I get it, guys-- Tazar's going to Cancun. I'm not bitter about that fact, and I hope he has a great time, but I'm not sure I understand why everyone needs to give me shit just because I'm continuing writing what I think are some passably interesting oft-VGR posts on the CBlogs. I mean, honestly, I'm such a nice guy my name's practically Jesus Concelmo, yet I get nothing but hate? The only way I can imagine taking it is that you guys somehow feel threatened by me, which is laughable. At least Snaileb is somewhat funny in his douchery. And even then, somewhat, like as 'funny' as Assassin's Creed was 'good'.

Anyway, I'm going to continue writing these twenty parts, because A) I'm invested in it, since I've written 9+1 already; B) I'm having fun, and I know at least one reader is at least mildly amused by at least some of the entries (Hi Samit!); C) my therapist told me to stop quitting things halfway through; D) I don't even have a therapist, so the previous point was probably in a dream, which means I'm dreaming about writing, which means I should keep going.

In summation, this isn't about winning or whatever, it's about writing amusing Cblogs. From the beginning it was about writing amusing Cblogs. I'm sorry if you're not smart enough to get that. Don't don't give me grief because I'm new and the cooler kids are doing it so you think you'll be cool if you do too. It's kinda pathetic. Since this is pretty much an entry in and of itself, I'll keep this one short...

DESTRUCTOID CANCUN: You Should Probably Bring Me To Cancun With You Guys: An Essay, In Twenty Parts, For the Staff of DESTRUCTOID.COM -- CHAPTER TEN: I Know That Life Would Not Be Worth Living In Those Early April Days If You Don't Pick Me

How much is early April going to suck without the Dtoid staff posting articles and podcasts? I don't want to sound like I'm posting twenty-plus blogs that merely amount to nothing more then ass kissing, but I'm being honest here-- those podcasts especially have become a pretty great part of my week. Without those, I'd have no way to secretly not do work and look like I'm not doing anything fun at the same time (little do they know I'm not listening to productivity-boosting music, but productivity-draining hilarity!) so all I'll have left are my other podcasts... and really, NPR + Football Manager + GFW Radio does not a full week of radio-on-demand make.

Also, have you fuckin' SEEN Montreal recently?

I got stuck in this weather walking home from the subway station the other day. I was not only frozen as hell (about 2 feet of snow fell in one night) but I was literally bruised (there was, inexplicably, also fucking HAIL). They still haven't cleared the streets a week later, because the snowplows all BROKE. Technically apparently this was only 32 cm of snow. Does that look like 12 inches of snow to you? There were entire cars completely swallowed by that snow. I'd rather be in fuckin' Darfur right now.

You'd think this means more time for playing video games, though, right? RONGO! I still have to work, and my 3ish-hour commute a day has skyrocketed to as much as 6 hours a day. Most of which I spend, err, standing. So DS doesn't really work.

I guess there's a silver lining, though... yesterday, I was sick of waiting for a bus so I went to the local Microplay, and found Guilty Gear X2 #Reload for Xbox for $20. Not bad at all. I also got Lost Odyssey, but I think I forgot to take my Ritalin yesterday, so I played it for about 4 minutes while listening to noise and reading shitty comments on Dtoid and not watching the cutscenes, so I can't really mention any first impressions yet. Heh. What is this post even about, anyway? Oh yeah, how early April's going to suck.

What comes out in early April, anyway? Fuckin' nothing? Did the entire games industry planaround Dtoid's vacation or something? The only remotely interesting thing dropping in the next month is Rondo of Swords. Then there's some game called, like, 4-GAT or something. But that's not until the 28th, when real life returns to its regularly scheduled program.

Ironic that I'm writing this, because I REALLY WROTE THIS ONE IN GUYZ

TOMORROW: You Should Probably Bring Me To Cancun With You Guys: An Essay, In Twenty Parts, For the Staff of DESTRUCTOID.COM -- CHAPTER ELEVEN: My Parents Would, Like, Totally Freak Out
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