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What'd You Get? - Space Ass Edition


Well, January's gotten off to a very nice start on the gaming end of things. Plenty of big releases, though, means that everyone disappears to go play those games, which kind of sucks. I know I'm guilty of it, too, so I shouldn't throw stones in this glass house of mine.

But it also means there's plenty to talk about for this week's installment of What'd You Get? Wanna play along? Then just tel us what you got, Dtoiders! It's that easy!

So far, nothing to report yet, though that's mostly because of my timing: Mass Effect 2 is out at midnight tonight (and I pre-ordered that for the 360, which is what I have the first game on) and Star Trek Online's coming out, which I may or may not give a chance if it can keep my interest. Champions Online didn't once I hit the level 40 cap.

Oh, scratch that. I did get something this week. I bought Project Gotham Racing 4. Or rather, I bought the 12 month Xbox Live pack with the messenger pad and PGR4 was in the box for free. I've played it and immediately gone back to Forza 3. Don't like it too much.

So that's all for me this week. What'd all of you get?
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