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What'd You Get? - Reliving the 1990s Edition


Well, it's that time again, Destructoid readers. Yes, it's a little early, but I'm getting it out of the way now so you can read this when you wake up, because it's time for What'd You Get?, the bi-weekly community feature where you show off all the great stuff you got lately. Anyone is allowed to join in on the fun: just post a comment below and you're all set!

This week, I got one game: an old title named Escape Velocity: Nova that I grew up on as a younger boy. The game's still as fun and as tediously grinding as I remember it. Ah, sweet memories. For those who have never played it, it's a bit like Elite and originally came out on Mac, but there's a PC version, too. Next up: possibly playing Marathon again. Or maybe Pathways into Darkness. Now there's a hard game...

That's all for me lately. What'd all of you get?
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