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What'd You Get? - Dreamcar Edition


Hey guys and gals,

You might have noticed a certain feature missing last week. Blame it on my being busy if you'd like, but things are changing up a bit in the coming weeks, so I guess I got a head start. As part of changes leading into 2010, What'd You Get? will shift to a bi-weekly feature. That's so I'm not rushing on Mondays to do it and so you can have an extra week to accumulate shit. :p

This week? Just some DLC, but important DLC: The Forza 3 Holiday Cars pack, with my beloved '09 Nissan GT-R. I was upset it wasn't in the game at launch, but my anger has now been soothed. In fact, I'd have one of these in my parking spot ... if they weren't 80 grand. *cries*

So while I sit here, dreaming of a car I'll probably never own in any form (as I believe the Skylines are illegal to drive in the U.S., technically, because they're not crash-tested), let me know what you got. Next time, I'll be showing off my Christmas presents, most of which should be game-related!
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