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The 2009 Cammies - Award Open Suggestion Thread

Well, December's here. That can only mean awards will be given out, and as such, the Cammies return for 2009! Yes, they're just my end of the year awards, but hey, I'm allowed to have fun! They'll be going up December 27th this year, along with a surprise for 2010. What that is ... you'll have to see.

Returning categories include:

Best Game No One Played
Best New Item
Best New Character
Biggest Surprise
Biggest Letdown
Guiltiest Pleasure
Un-Guiltiest Pleasure
The "Please, just go away" Award
Best Sports Game
Best Fighting Game
Best Racing Game
Best FPS
Best Multiplayer
Best Platformer
Best RPG/Strategy Game
Best Puzzle Game
Best Action/Adventure Game
Most Controversial Game
Best Downloadable Console Title
Worst Game of 2009
Most Innovative Game
Most Memorable Moment
Best New Innovation
Special Achievement in Indie Development
Developer of the Year
Most Anticipated Game of 2010
The Destructoid Post of the Year Award (voted on by you)
The Necros Community Moment of the Year Award (sponsored by AXE Body Spray and BIC Lighters and voted on by you)

And last, but not least, 2009 Game of the Year

New categories include:

Best game-related toy (sponsored by Tomopop)
Best deal you would've been stupid to pass up
Game of the Decade (!!!!)

And ... well, whatever you come up with.

That's right, for yet another year, I'm taking community suggestions and asking you to submit what awards you'd like to see given out. The best will be added to the list of awards for 2009, and may just stick around for 2010 and beyond. We're not nominating games - just coming up with award ideas.

To make a suggestion, just post a comment below. It's that easy. I'll take them through the 15th of December or so. After that, it'll be time to get writing!

Thanks again for being readers of my blog, and I hope I'll be able to get this all done on time!
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