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Retailers to stop selling Wii mini game compilations ... but is it a bad thing?

So, you hate those Wii mini-game compilations? Wish you could eviscerate them? Well, you might have a few friends helping you in your fight. According to Siliconera:

"One thing�s for sure � the focus has changed. Stores like Target and Best Buy have reportedly told game publishers not to even bother approaching them with collections of mini games, which they will no longer pick up."

Now, this is good news on one end. Making these games less available to consumers will liken the chance of them being easily sold. But it's also a sign: big-box retailers care more about money than game scores or quality, so obviously, even these games are no longer selling on the Wii, which leads me to ask: Ummmm ... what is? These were the Wii's long bread-and-butter when everyone suddenly saw sales dropped up and started considering scaling back or dropping Wii developlment. A lot of companies are probably still considering it, albeit in quiet.

So what might it mean? Well:

- A trove of people realizing there's good stuff on the Wii they haven't seen yet. There are plenty of good games flying under the radar, even now. With less clutter on the shelves, these little-known-but-great games might finally get a chance to shine in the spotlight.

- A drop in Wii software sales. Without big-box retailers pushing those mini-game compilations, casual gamers will be less likely to probably pick up a Wii game, especially with Microsoft selling itself hard as the "real" family machine and Natal coming out.

- More ports/Wii versions of games? This is the biggest cash cow left for third parties now is to port games over to the Wii, which a lot of companies are already doing. Or, they might take franchises on other consoles and create Wii-centric versions of them. Dead Space: Extraction has been a critical success and proves you can do this right, but the problem is that it hasn't sold well at all. There's more questions for me about this particular thing than anything else.

So, here's my question to you: what do you guys think of this? What effect do you think it'll have on the Wii in 2010 and beyond?
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