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What'd You Get? - Birthday Cake Edition

Welcome to yet another bi-weekly edition of What'd You Get?, the C-Blog feature where we all share all the cool stuff we got over the past two weeks. Why? Because it's fun to show off. But this week is important for more reasons than show...


A sign of things to come?

Earlier today, Game|Life posted an interesting piece about how companies appeared to be steering away from Wii development and towards iPhone development. It would have been easy to turn this story into a blog post about "OMG THE WII IS D...


Mass Effect 2 terrifies me (spoiler-free)

For the last week or so, I've disappeared thanks to sinking in hours of playtime with Mass Effect 2. Of course, none of you knew that because I accidentally hid the post where I mentioned getting the game. Go read it here. And yes, I am a...


What'd You Get? - Space Ass Edition

Well, January's gotten off to a very nice start on the gaming end of things. Plenty of big releases, though, means that everyone disappears to go play those games, which kind of sucks. I know I'm guilty of it, too, so I shouldn't throw st...


The Best Cammy Day Ever

I doubt January 6 is very important to many of you, but in Nihonland, it's something of a holiday. Not an important national holiday (that's next month) but a good day none the less. It is called Cammy Day, marking the birthday of the Str...


What'd You Get? - Xmas Edition

Happy holidays, folks! I hope those of you who celebrate Christmas had a wonderful time, but it's time to get down to business. That's right, it's the newest bi-weekly installment of What'd You Get?, Destructoid's one and only feature where...


The 2009 Cammies - Game of the Year Finalists

So, once again, Iím going to be sitting at a computer over the next few days, slaving away as I go to work on the 2009 Cammies, which is what I call my end of the year gaming awards. But all thatís next week, as first, Iím revealing my pick...


Thoughts (so far) on the new TF2 War! Update

The latest Team Fortress 2 update's been out for a bit, and while I've been away all weekend, I've had a little bit of time to play around with some of the stuff in the new update. And hey, I've given my update thoughts in the past so far...


What'd You Get? - Dreamcar Edition

Hey guys and gals, You might have noticed a certain feature missing last week. Blame it on my being busy if you'd like, but things are changing up a bit in the coming weeks, so I guess I got a head start. As part of changes leading into ...


What'd You Get? - Gabe's Yard Sale Edition

So, it seems Steam had a yard sale. A fairly large yard sale with deals that were too good to pass up. And yes, I caved like the deal-hunting little bitch that I am. I mean, some of the deals were insane, even though one of them was later r...


What'd You Get? - Thanksgiving Edition

Here in America, it's about time for Thanksgiving, where we pile the whole family into a car, drive to someone's house, eat a lot, and watch my football team suffer another painful blowout loss in front of a national audience. Ah, memorie...


What'd You Get? - Valve Time Edition

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Left 4 Dead 2 waiting for PC release party! I am your humble host, NihonTiger, and I welcome you to the fun of waiting for the game to unlock and decrypt! In the meanwhile, why not si...


Mario's voice actor wanted to do Link, too

There's always been a lot of talk about Link one day having a voice or not, and as it turns out, one of Nintendo's most notable voices was supportive of the idea of giving Link a voice. Charles Martinet, the voice of Mario, Wario and many...


Hey! Win an awesome Blanka statue at Tomopop!

Attention Dtoid community: do you like free stuff? Do you like Street Fighter? Well, you're in luck on thie Friday the 13th. Tomopop, sister site of Destructoid and a place you really should be checking out every day, is having a contest ...


What'd You Get? - Little Bikes Edition

Sometimes, surprises are a good thing, and this week is no exception, as I've now got a reason to fire up my Wii once more and put Forza 3 aside for a little bit. Of course, I wish it would also have been announced ahead of time, but Nint...


What'd You Get? - Chap-Hop Edition

If you've never heard of Mr. B, he is my favorite new thing from Britain. A banjolele-playing, pipe-smoking gentleman rhymer, his songs are just awesome: How can you not love that? Consider yourself getting an introduction to chap-hop....


What'd You Get? - Working Late Edition

So, sorry this is late tonight, folks, but I was at work late. That's what happens when your co-workers screw up, then you catch their mistakes and you all have to correct it. Except instead of getting a pat on the back tomorrow, I'm going ...


What'd You Get? - Pretty Cars Edition

I think those of you who know me know that there's a game coming out this month I'm interested in. It's something I've been putting a little money away for and something I'll soon be able to add to my collection. Putting off purchases and...


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Oh, hi there. Didnít see you enter. Anyways, welcome to my humble little blog. For those of you not familiar with who I am, the nameís Brian. Iím 24 years old and hail from Findlay, Ohio. I work at the local newspaper here as a copy editor, putting my four long years of college to actual use. Kind of. I think.

For those of you who might recognize me from elsewhere, I work as Assistant Gaming Editor over at Blogcritics Gaming and as Features Editor over at Tomopop. It's a lot of work, but it's worth it because I get to do a lot of cool shit with a lot of cool people.

I've been gaming since the relatively young age of around 3 and I've played plenty of games, both good and bad. I'm continuously expanding my gaming collection, which has become more of an archive in recent years as I'm focusing on collecting older, less well-known titles. You'd honestly be surprised on what people are missing out on in bargain bins...

Other than gaming, I love anime, manga, sports, movies, TV, and a whole lot more. I also happen to have something of a legendary love for Cammy, to the point that I am the site's unofficial official Cammy fanboy. And yes, I do play as her in Street Fighter and do so quite well, too.

Also, I am Chad Concelmo's B.F.F., my prize for coming in first in The Great Retro Quiz .18 - ActRaiser. Accept no substitutes. Not even Aerox.

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