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Like a lot of you, I'm having a tough time with the news about Chris Cornell. I've never considered myself much of a Soundgarden fan despite being pretty into Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and Alice in Chains. Still, I see all the songs being shared today and I realize, fuck, I like a lot of their stuff. And even if I didn't, Cornell was so influential in creating the scene that I grew up with. Cornell and Eddie Vedder met because of Temple of the Dog, a band Cornell put together in tribute of the lead singer of Mother Love Bone who died because of a heroin overdose. That's the kind of tragedy that grunge is rooted in.

Days like this affect me a lot because I hold my own musical idols in such high regard. They've had such a formative impact on me that it hurts to sympathize with someone who grew up hanging onto every word from Chris Cornell or Prince or David Bowie. I'm going to be an absolute mess whenever something happens to Rivers Cuomo or Jesse Lacey or Ben Folds or about a dozen other musicians.

I know it's somewhat sacrilege to say this but it's Audioslave's stuff that influenced me more than Soundgarden's. "Cochise," "Like a Stone," "I am the Highway" -- all stuff that kicked a lot of ass. I think I always liked how it wasn't supposed to be good, like the product of breaking up Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine has no right being anywhere near as good as those two parts. But it was. To me at least. For what it's worth, "Doesn't Remind Me" has always been my favorite Audioslave song. It's a track that emotionally transports me to somewhere somber but hopeful.

In other news, we're going to Poland again. Me and Cosimano have flights on Friday and we should get there Saturday, weather permitting. Colorado's getting some winter storms that don't bode particularly well, for me at least. It's a quick trip, getting in Saturday, flying out Wednesday.

The trip is for something called Digital Dragons, which is in Krakow. The name sounds like what Affliction might name their e-store, but don't let that fool you. From what I gather, it's kind of a heavy hitter as far as conventions go -- a professional show made up of executives and important developers giving talks. I sure hope we get some important stories out of it. If not, eh, that's fine too. A four day trip isn't a huge gamble, even if it is E3 season.

Oh yeah, E3! Fucking E3! That's the main source of my stress right now, taking care of scheduling and what we need to see. Scheduling itself isn't that tough, it's figuring out who we still haven't heard from and how to get those appointments. The less important stuff always comes in first and it's a balancing act trying to delay that while getting the more important stuff sorted. At least all the other logistics are in order, flights and lodging. E3 can be stressful but at least you're there and you know it's go time. It's the month leading up to E3 that absolutely drains you.

I'm running on empty but maybe that Polish vodka will fill my tank back up.

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