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Contest: Win a Nintendo Switch from Destructoid

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Hell yeah, I beat NRG Fireburner over the weekend. I think that means I get to play for NRG now, me and Jacob wrecking everyone -- him in his foam hat and me in my cat ears.


The year's almost over and amiibo butt plugs trails Jordan's lame-ass Pokemon schedule as most viewed post of the year by a little bit. Click this link and help change history:


Join our club(s) on Xbox! We have two: Destructoid and Dtoid. Also, I don't know what the point of clubs is.


Kyle quit and everyone hates Steven. I'm so sad right now. IF ANY OF YOU TOUCH JORDAN I'LL FUCKING CUT YOU.


That's a good couch of Handsome Steven's. I've spent many a night on it. Text me a selfie with you holding Morimoto on the couch so I know everything I love is safe.


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Disclosure: One of my roles around here is "Guy who handles retail affiliate stuff." The "Deals" tag auto-populates a disclaimer message that links in these articles usually send a little money Destructoid's way so that Kyle can keep posting Gardevoir pictures. (Maybe those two aren't directly correlated, but I really wish they were.)

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