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It's a sad day. Goodbye Destructoid <3 https://www.destructoid.com/--615707.phtml#post


AMA. If your questions are good, you'll win my love and respect. If they're bad, I'm gonna have CJ bounce you to the curb and everyone will have a good laugh at your expense. https://forums.destructoid.com/threads/staff-ama-august-11-brett-makedonski.287/


Should I change my author bio to a different Bone Thugs song or keep it as Crossroads???


next time someone asks a question that's the first or second sentence in the post:


Check out this Twitter thread if you wanna see how my Hawaiian deep sea fishing expedition is going. https://twitter.com/Donski3/status/1188128907502899200?s=19


All I want for Christmas is your two front teeth. And also the rest of your teeth.


Tired: Chris is the best gamer on staff Wired: Brett is the best gamer on staff


Just got back from an almost-actual-real vacation. Mostly offline for 5 days. We should all go offline more, it's refreshing. I miss anything good that happened to you dudes?


I'm a PC Gamer now, fam!! Here's my rig. Pushing a lot of frames, way more than consoles!


I guess I'm a PC gamer now https://pcpartpicker.com/list/XqCF6X


I'm super duper happy that most of you are taking the news well and with a dash of optimism. Seriously, thank you for all your support. It means the world to us.


Everyone's gonna not like my granular competitive Rocket League coverage :'(


Hell yeah, I beat NRG Fireburner over the weekend. I think that means I get to play for NRG now, me and Jacob wrecking everyone -- him in his foam hat and me in my cat ears.


Like this post if you hate either Steven or world hunger!!!


The year's almost over and amiibo butt plugs trails Jordan's lame-ass Pokemon schedule as most viewed post of the year by a little bit. Click this link and help change history: https://www.destructoid.com/amiibo-as-butt-plugs-ranked-331236.phtml


Join our club(s) on Xbox! We have two: Destructoid and Dtoid. Also, I don't know what the point of clubs is.


Kyle quit and everyone hates Steven. I'm so sad right now. IF ANY OF YOU TOUCH JORDAN I'LL FUCKING CUT YOU.


That's a good couch of Handsome Steven's. I've spent many a night on it. Text me a selfie with you holding Morimoto on the couch so I know everything I love is safe.


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