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2012: Me and Miiverse Down by the Schoolyard

As a 26-year-old gamer, I had the good fortune to grow up during the last few years when school was a viable place to learn valid gaming information. Every once and a while there was that kid who had "an uncle who worked at Nintendo," but ...


Less Than Love: A Story About Catherine

Robert Wratten from the band Trembling Blue Stars once sang the line "Though there will always be a part of me hoping for a miracle / realistically I know it is over between you and me" in a song called "Less Than Love." The entirety of t...


So... How is the Wii U Going to Fare?

The Wii U launches in North America tomorrow, and more and more information is starting to trickle out. It was announced that the TVii functionality that enables the intermingling of video streaming services won't be up and running at lau...


Why I Fell in Love With Super Metroid

When I find a game that I truly love, I will do whatever I can to dig further into it. I have certain titles in my collection that I understand on an academic level. I can tell you all about the people who worked on them, why certain game...


The Day I Died: A Story about Minecraft

Minecraft has become one of those games that is defined by the experiences of the players itself instead of the experience offered by the game. The last game I played that really gave me that feeling was Grand Theft Auto III, as I remembe...


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