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***No pictures will be posted for this blog, because this is a serious issue, not a children's book***
(also because i'm too lazy to waste my Saturday on this shit for longer than 5 minutes)

I am horrified by the lack of outrage aimed at Resident Evil 6 for being the most racist game in the series yet.

With Resident Evil 5, gamers rightly and heroically pointed out how RACIST the game was for having a white male indiscriminately shoot africans throughout the whole game. It was offensive and tasteless and I am still disgusted to this day that i played that game and enjoyed it as much as i did!

How dare a special agent defend his life against an bioterrorist attack. He should have never set foot on the holy land of Africa. Chris Redfield should have been named Christ Hatefield and left it at that. Stay home, you bastard evil white guy!

With Resident Evil 6, CAPCOM ups the ante with having even MORE white men & women shooting the shit out of the poor chinese people on their own land! WTF!?!??! First of all, how dare Japanese game developers depict China as a victim that would never carry out genocide of their own people, let alone America. Maybe this is Japan's way of expressing their inner hatred for China even though they basically look the same (lol amirite??)

Anyways, my point here is that nobody is in an OUTRAGE and demanding a boycott of the game even though we have another clear case of white people killing poor lowly minorities in mass numbers.

I am sickened by the Dtoid community, which so valiantly fought the government by posted pictures of themselves frowning like little children when their precious interwebs were under fire with SOPA, that evil evil plan that is underway regardless of what trend hopping generation dudebro twats are aware of or not.

In closing, i just want to spit in your e-Faces, and then rally a Operation Racoon Racist march ASAP to show our disgust for this endless racism that is blatantly turning us all into black panther--er, i mean KKK members without even realizing it!!!! S.O.S.! S.O.S.!

Again, my recap: Don't play Resident Evil 6 cuz its more racist than pt. 5, because chinese are non-white and they have a bigger population than Africa (i'm pretty sure).

Thank you, warriors of freedom and liberty!
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