DeS: Why Destiny 2 is failing as an esport

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Who are we? Brainlazy is a trio of geeks of various flavors, dedicated to that most noble of human endeavors, wasting time. Games, comics, videos, blogs... we'll take a stab at anything if it seems like it will be entertaining and we can find the people to help us pull it off.

What Does BrainLazy Do? Brainlazy is what happens when three guys with too many interests and too little focus decide to make a website. It is what happens when you decide to record what you do in your spare time. It is what happens when your main skills all center around avoiding real work.

How could you define BrainLazy?
Brainlazy (BRANE-lay-zee)
 1. (adjective) The state or quality of being too tired or unmotivated to use an otherwise functional mind.
 2. (proper noun) A company formed by three dorks with too much time and too little talent, dedicated to wasting it's time and yours with Reviews, Blogs, and whatever else they can think of.
3. (noun) The next website you should bookmark.

Welcome to BrainLazy.