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Review Get: Extreme Lawsuit Edition- Limbo of the Lost


While browsing the internet this morning, I came across what is quite possibly the first proper Limbo of the Lost review since the discovery of the whole game-ripping debacle. Apparently there were a few positive reviews on some adventure gaming sites prior to the discovery. The most surprising part of the review? It's not batshit awful.

Well, actually, it is. But it's not that bad.

Richard Cobbett actually gave it some positive marks for an enthusiastic (if notably limited) voicework and for a not completely unmemorable main character who seems cheerful at all times- not in an awkward, "We only know how to animate happy faces" way, but in a way that actually seems indicative of good design decisions.

Be sure to look for some of his descriptions of the puzzles in the game. My favorite by far is the one where you combine regular water (albeit a little blue-looking regular water) with saffron to make delicious radioactive green water. At least we know what's in the Kool-Aid in limbo now.

The image provided in this post was a completely original work, and was not right-clicked and stolen from Corbett's website, by the way.
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