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I know. I know. I'm a total tool. I just love those little Trogbabies though. Man, I really want that new homestarrunner game to come out soon.



After some odd eight hours' worth of work in Illustrator, I present my entry for the OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND!!! Contest. A larger version of the comic is available here.


Review Get: Extreme Lawsuit Edition- Limbo of the Lost

While browsing the internet this morning, I came across what is quite possibly the first proper Limbo of the Lost review since the discovery of the whole game-ripping debacle. Apparently there were a few positive reviews on some adventure...


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Jack Brahms is a college-educated, freelance (Read: unemployed) artist whose interests include cartooning, animation, writing, video games, and the jazz music. When he isn't psychoanalyzing space operas and watching every episode of Ducktales in one sitting, he enjoys a good Adventure, Platforming, Puzzle game, or RPG. He insists that the Castlevania series is pretty much the pinnacle of civilization.

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