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Two New XBLA Titles Wednesday

Today, Microsoft sent out an exciting new press release detailing two upcoming XBLA titles. When the service updates on Wednesday, players will have the magical opportunity to pick between either Stainless Games’ Happy Tree Friends False Alarm or Playful Entertainment’s Ticket to Ride. But why pick just one title? Both games will be priced at a very meager 800 Microsoft points, which is a flash in the pan these days.

Happy Tree Friends False Alarm’s appearance and name can be quite misleading. The game is based off a flash cartoon series, lauded for its cruel and somewhat gruesome treatment of otherwise cute characters. The game will revolve around a character named Lumpy and his quest to save his friends over a series of several platforming levels.

Ticket to Ride is all about the great American railroad, and its ability to connect 2D potraits together with Indiana Jones traveling lines. The arcade version is based off of a board game with the same name, and will feature LIVE connectivity.

All aboard the boring express!

[Via Gamasutra]
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