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The Pirate Radio Station in 'Bring Down the Sky' and FOX News

Words -- and in this case, a quote -- need to be snipped to salvage tone or keep an article to what I would consider readable length. In my "Bring Down the Sky" article there was one particular quote that I couldn’t share with you. The contextual stuff would have crippled the piece or, at the very least, killed the pacing.

The snipped bits has bothered me since the article was published, so I've decided to give you the information -- which I have deemed cool -- in this sidebar C-blog post.

Remember when FOX News went nuts on gaming and Mass Effect for having three mild romance scenes? In 2008, FOX aired a segment called "Se'Xbox? New Video Game Shows Full Digital Nudity and Sex." Cooper Lawrence and crew argued that the game should have an AO rating based on the misunderstanding of what sexual content is shown in Mass Effect. (Just a little side butt, guys; settle down.) Poor Geoff Keighley did his best when confronted by these guys in the ludicrous segment, but the fancy B-roll editing of game footage and catchy lines tossed by Lawrence’s debaters -- "Who can argue," one dude said "possibly, that Luke Skywalker meets Debbie Does Dallas is a good thing. It's not. And I'm definitely not going to let Mass Effect in my house" -- ultimately won the day.

BioWare responds to the debacle in "Bring Down the Sky." A pirate radio station sits on top of a mountain next to the first fusion torch building. If you activate the panel inside the station twice (only in the PC version) a small message will play. Technical director Christina Norman explains it best: "The pirate radio station on the PC version of 'Bring Down the Sky' does mention someone who claims the music the station is playing is causing young engineers to 'riot and sleep with aliens,' but it’s then revealed the person complaining hasn't listened to the music.”

Norman wouldn’t confirm or deny that it was a jab at FOX News or whoever decided to pick up the "Mass Effect needs an AO" story after the scandalous coverage of the game.

So, yeah, it would have been rough to work that in with the narrative of my piece. I’m sure the majority of you knew that easter egg existed, but I thought it was great to have someone from BioWare comment. An odd weight has been lifted from my chest. And speaking of weights, I have some work to do.

Have a great weekend, guys.

[Source for Mass Effect drama because I'm forgetful -- Ars Technica]
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