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Okami Cover Art Hitting Your Doorstep Soon


For those industrious enough to complain about the IGN watermark in the original Nintendo Wii cover art, Capcom is in the process of making the final amends. According to the Capcom Blog, the new art of the consumer’s choice is being sent out “shortly.” As a bonus, Capcom is also making the new art double-sided. One side will consist of the art the one players want to be mailed and the other will have the original art intended for the game. One wonders though if the original cover art will still have the entertainment news conglomerate image smacked on the side.

Personally, I do not feel sorry for the position Capcom found themselves in. Okami is a title that is supposed to be enriched by its artistry and original content. I was very surprised to hear about the original snafu with the cover art. It’s not like Capcom does not readily have access to the screenshots it releases. These guys ultimately control what they send out and what they have in-house. Even if the covers were farmed to a different company all this would have taken to be avoided was a phone call. I wonder if the guy that dropped the ball was fired?

[Via Capcom Community Blog]
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