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Interview with Obsidian

I recently scored an e-mail interview with Obsidian, developers of Neverwinter Nights 2. I
found myself uncomfortable with the task, mainly because I never had the opportunity to
play NwN 2. When the title finally rolled out of the presses I found myself with an
insufficient computer. Hell, my Macintosh is probably still insufficient for gaming purposes,
but that probably negates the point. An interview is supposed to be a bit of a personal
thing. The interviewer doesn't necessarily have to have a passion for the object being
interviewed about, but experience would be key. I don't sit in my mother's basement
rolling D10's and smelling my sister's panties, so I had a hard time navigating around the
fact that I know practically nothing about the new D&D rules, systems, or even the NwN 2.
Yet, I tried anyway.

Here's the entire question sheet that I sent off:

1.) Storm of Zehir is rumored to be much like Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate in terms of
its non-linear progression. Exactly how much space will players have to navigate without
being tied to any story objectives?

2.) We’ve read that you may have run into some time crunches towards the end of the
development cycle with the first expansion pack Mask of the Betrayer, including losing a
mission called “Patron of the Arts.” Will we see some sort of revival of that quest or any of
the other content that may have been cut from Mask of the Betrayer with Storm of Zehir?

3.) How will the new D&D 4th edition rules work into Storm of Zehir? Wizards of the Coast
maintains that the 4th edition is easier to pick up, play, and learn. Will Storm of Zehir
welcome newcomers as much as entertain loyalists?

4.) Will you be able to import your character from previous Neverwinter Nights 2 campaigns
into Storm of Zehir? If so, will it be a clean slate with the party?

5.) The 4th edition rules introduces a new adventuring party to players. Could you
comment on some of the additional characters that are being added to the roster?

6.) What sort of graphical overhaul or tweaking can we expect for the new expansion pack?

7.) Can we expect the level cap to raise? If so, what will be affected?

8.) Can you give us any sort of clue as to the story of Storm of Zehir?

9.) Is there a release date you are aiming towards?

10.) How long do you plan to keep supporting Neverwinter Nights 2 with these kinds of
expansion packs?
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