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My PS4 isn't getting much use these days. Main reason? It has this problem where it regularly puts itself into sleep mode, no matter what I'm doing (playing a game, watching youtube, sitting on the main home page, etc.). Pretty much pisses me off.


If season 9 is canon, she's correct. If not, Jim and Pam are together forever.


This guy suuuuuuuucks. Go to 42:00 to hear him talk about the lawsuit with Epic that ended Silicon Knights. Dude is still completely lacking in self-awareness.


Are you today's date? Because you're 10/10!


This is a good video. Though slightly haunting and heartbreaking.


I finally got a question answered on Podtoid! Y'all must listen to this week's show if you haven't yet.


Had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning. Pic related.


Jumped into Destiny 2 now that it's f2p. Having a really surprising amount of fun! It's a very good game. I might even buy the Forsaken campaign just to get more. We'll see.


Remember the good old days when we could at least laugh at the president?


The skill ceiling for Titanfall 2 is unbelievably high. This video is bonkers.


This is a really fantastic video that every game developer should see. I certainly found it insightful.


I can finally downvote all y'all???


Who has two thumbs and a confirmed zero sperm count? This guy! *pic related*


In case you need some motivation today


If you were to give a TED talk about any subject other than video games, what would it be and why?


Friendly reminder that Titanfall 2 is *chefs kiss*


Need new coasters for my coffee table. Any recommendations?


Beat Gears 5. Great game. Possibly second best in the series after 2.


This is a great overview of the Odyssey Kingdoms with very valid criticism. Even if my favorite Kingdom isn't ranked as the best.


I love when I get upvotes from Kevin.


Just beat Link's Awakening. It was the first time I beat it without a strategy guide. I can't tell you how proud I am of that. The game is glorious, BTW.


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