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The sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick


Good morning, and a HAPPY Easter to you!


Sean Bean seems like a delightful person. This is a great interview!


Graffiti found in the bathroom of the destructoid offices


Just re-watched Winter Soldier. I can't believe I've never realized that it's actually a Mission: Impossible movie.


Oof. This is so haunting and so beautiful.


I am the best uncle. My sister is mad because I introduced my niece to Pokémon a few years ago


Nintendo should sell custom Mii Fighter amiibo. Build it on a website. Pay like 30 bucks for it.


This is a really interesting concept for a story. Probably gonna be too violent for my personal taste though.


I do NOT understand the idea of Microsoft selling a discless XBone for $250. I bought my XBone S for $229 a couple months ago. And it came bundled with Minecraft.


Left 4 Dead 3 is looking pretty good. I had no idea this game existed until today.


I know this should go without saying. But if anyone here spoils Endgame for me, I will personally come to your home and remove your genitals.


Titanfall 2 might have the best controls of any FPS I've ever played. It's so tight and intuitive!


Titanfall 2's campaign is incredible! Everything you could want and more. I don't even mind how short it is. Doesn't wear out its welcome.


Just saw Shazam. It was fun! I can't say I loved it, but I certainly enjoyed it. Fine way to spend a couple hours.


Did you know that seeing a Star War is what has prevented you from becoming a millionaire that has all the sex? That's what I learned today. (I'm putting the first weet of this Twitter thread in the comments, it's the most bizarre thing I've ever read)


PSA: Xbox is having a huge sale right now on digital games. I got Titanfall 2 for a song.




I'm about 2 hours into Phoenix Wright and I love it. I AM AN ACE ATTORNEY!


When Disney Lau ches their streaming service, it will come with every episode of The Simpsons. Seems like they're gonna make good use out of the Fox acquisition.


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