NE: I played Overcooked 2, and it was rad

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I'll write something, just give me a Minit

Ask and you will receive. I won Minit from a giveaway here on Destructoid and so I thought I would write something about it. Courtesy warning: possible spoilers below. We all have to deal with death. We lose our pets, our friends, our...


The Problem of Gamers and Reality

My pappy use to say, "Life is tough everywhere." Ain't that the truth? You clock out of your tiring job, commute home, feed the pets, make dinner, pay bills, so on and so forth. You sit down to relax, turn on the T.V. for background no...


All we are is DUSK in the wind

{DUSK Spoilers} Old horror games are great storytellers. Stretched out and pixelated skins glued to the many polygons that form a retro world, not only to make us question "What the hell is that suspicious object in the distance?" but...


To heel, or not to heel.

By PorkletPlayed on a PS4 After playing The Assignment, the first of three installments for The Evil Within, and looking back at Ada Wong in the Resident Evil series, I'm starting to think that game director Shinji Mikami might have a...


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