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Back In 1995 - Impressions

It doesn't look like Metacritic has any reviews aggregated for this neo-retro survival horror game yet, nor does Destructoid seem to have a review published. I figured I'd get my impressions out there as I've played the first couple h...


David Cage: In a League of His Own

Jim Sterling's recent review of Beyond: Two Souls notices that "...the story is presented awfully, in a nonlinear fashion contrived to evoke the movies of Godard, Altman, or Tarantino." While I have no doubt that David Cage would love to be...


Why Winback 2 Is A Camp Classic

Naughty Dog's orgiastically received The Last of Us can already be called a seminal work in the modern, narrative-driven, third-person action-adventure genre. Of it's many merits, it's arguably the greatest achievement in dramatic, video-g...


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My name is Matt McNeely and I operate the Bowser Press blog. My aim is to create a voice for and give a voice to the out-of-the-way, weird, obscure, and otherwise marginal fringes of the video game community. My blog specializes in interviews with homebrew and indie game developers as well as niche game fans and articles on specific and interesting topics within games.