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Question: What's Your Next Gen Resolution?


Not the lines for next gen consoles... Maybe...

So the next generation of console gaming is about a month away, give or take a few days, and a sudden question popped into my head after peeling my ass out of bed today: Since the next gen is like the New Years of gaming, what's my next gen resolution?

Honestly, the answer to that came just as easy as the question, really in the next thought: Really do what I've been saying for years and actually play multiplayer games.

I'm a pretty active member of a great community that has a night (really multiple) put aside where we can get together and game. I also say just about every month how I'm going to get my head out of the sand and try to join in... Then I don't, make some excuses and then repeat the transgressions.

Even now, with GTA Online being a thing, I can't even bring myself to start it up and do that damn starter race everyone's been complaining about. I'm a hermit on an island in a sea of social butterflies. Or better yet, I'm the island. And that island is really a turtle.

Me in a nu.. I mean turtle shell...

Getting over this is going to take doing, I realize. Really, it's going to take an entire change in the way I think, without prescriptions.. Or a lobotomy.. I'm going to need to get over my fear of sounding like ass over a mic, because I hate the way I sound on answering machines. Or any possibility that my skill really doesn't live up to that of others. I'm going to definitely have to get over the thought of people bitching each other out endlessly by anyone for little to no reason. You'd figure I'd be over things like this, having been a steady raider in WoW for years, but, if anything, WoW instilled these things in me early on, before the utter randomness of console multiplayer existed. And I've just never sought out other people when it came to gaming; talked about it with tons of people, but never really looked to play much with them; even when I played MMOs like WoW (and others, list is horribly long for someone as closed in as I am).

But I'm really hoping the idea of being just as fresh into things like everyone else, after having bought expensive hardware I'm going to want to make the most of, is going to help push me through the threshold. I may need some friends to pull me through.

There is a few other, loose, resolutions that aren't as important to me as the one above, or may possibly be even more impossible to do then my main resolution, as if that was even possible. Like I'm going to try not to get hung up on finishing a game to the point where I stop playing the game I'm trying to finish (another long standing psychological block), specially if I'm going to make full time reviewing a real thing.

Or, how I want to stop buying games in such a way where I'm going to make my backlog even more impossible to tackle. We'll see how that goes.

So, there's the question: What's your Next Gen resolution? Why and, maybe, how do you think you'll achieve it?
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About BoomingEchoesone of us since 3:17 PM on 10.24.2009

Born in 1983, I've been gaming since 3 when I discovered my dad's Atari 2600. Pitfall and Kaboom were my favorite games at the time, though, like so many, I never really made it very far in Pitfall -but I really liked getting eaten by crocs.

Moving forward from there I think my parents knew they couldn't stop me from gaming, so they did their best to fuel my passions by giving me an NES for Christmas in '87. My first games were Mario/Duckhunt (derp) and Dragon Warrior, because no one knew how ridiculous that game would be for a 4 year old to play. Dragons = Cool and that was that. I'd never actually get far in that game, though I always tried.

From there I would go on to collect over 200games for the system, most of which I finished, that I didn't the foresight to keep into my adulthood. God am I sad about that.

After the NES I was lucky to have both a Genesis and an SNES, but only because my cousin was kind (or stupid) enough to give me his Genesis, but I leaned towards the SNES. After that I had a Playstation, PS2 and Gamecube, then an Xbox 360. All during this I had most all of Nintendo's handhelds, and even a Sega Nomad (which I wasn't smart enough to keep into my adulthood either...)

I really would like to find a way to make gaming, one of the only things I've ever stuck with in my life, into a career. Theres few things I'm this passionate about.

My favorites games, ironically, are RPGs, but not for the obvious reason. My cousin (the Genesis fool) is actually to blame for that by letting me barrow Final Fantasy II (IV) for the SNES -the first RPG I've ever finished. I got wrapped up in the story, and thats were I still find myself wrapped up in with games today, and something I feel we've seen wane largely over this generation.

Other then RPGs I really will play anything I can get my hands on. Though, generally I don't touch sports games, generally because I don't care too much for sports, but I will pick up a Hockey game from time to time.

I'm not much of a multiplayer person, mostly because I've been a lonely single player all my life. I'm REALLY timid and really don't like to make myself look like an ass. I'm really hoping to break that, but am finding old habits suck. I've been telling Mr. Andy for over a year now how I want to, and I think he should be sick of seeing it :D

Ironically, I've played and even tested a ton of MMOs for over about 11 years now, and its one of my favorite game styles. A few (WoW, the gone-since-09 MXO) I have years of experience in (have played WoW since before launch, and have just quit -possibly for good), which really goes against my no multiplayer-ness, but I usually enjoy the games where I don't really have to rely on others for much of anything.

Anything else you want to know, hit me up and ask. I know I'm timid with mulitplayer but answering questions about myself has never been something I've ever been shy about doing.
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