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Stop spoiling games ASSHOLES!

I'm bored. I'm drunk. I just saw some drunk girl flash her boobs to be cool then trip ass over in front of a pub full of about 100 drunk fuckers who proceeded to laugh their ass off at her, only to have her friend run across the street to console her in a desperate attempt to not come up and yell at us.

But here’s the point: Stop spoiling the end of games and being elitist assholes.

Wardrox has done it. Jim Sterling has done it. Countless community members have done it. Suddenly its become the COOL thing to spoil the end of games, namely Bioshock.

There’s nothing worse than assholes who think shouting the endings to movies/games/books is the fucking greatest thing they can achieve in their life. Nothing gives them greater pleasure than affirming the fact that they have completed a game or book that other people have not by ruining the ending for them. It’s the greatest elitist high they can attain, and despite the fact they are ruining an amazing experience for someone just to increase the size of their knob, they couldn’t give a shit.

This is what is pissing me off about Dtoid lately, the current trend to shout the ending to Bioshock. Jim will say “Oh if they haven’t played it by now fuck ‘em” as if that justifies it completely (Jim you are awesome x 10000, but for the subject of this article you are a knob!). Community members will post the ending to it in news article for no reason. Wardrox went as far as to say “Spoilers for Call of duty 4 coming up…HA ***Bioshock ending**” followed be Jim laughing his ass off.

I get that you have all finished the game, but it pisses me off that the consensus seems to be that as soon as you have finished the game the ending is “old news” and anyone who has not finished the game by now “deserves to have it spoilt”. It’s nothing more than elitist shit, and if you really are a fan of video games you would let people enjoy it just as you did, and not actively punish them because they aren’t’ up with it as everyone else. There are a lot of people who, amazingly enough, have not played Bioshock yet. There are people who have not actually played EVERY GAME you have ever played. As bizarre as it seems, telling them the ending to the game is not what they want to hear halfway through an article on MGS4 disc size because they are a few months late to the Bioshock party.

“Oh but people spoil the ending to Harry Potter all the time” people will say. Funnily enough, the Podcastle crew went on to complain about how idiots get on teamspeak and ruin the ending to games, only after they had spoilt the ending to Bioshock TWO TIMES THEMSELVES with no warning (and one trick warning as stated above). Just because some people are retarded enough to shout the ending to Harry Potter doesn’t mean its perfectly okay to shout the ending to every game you have played.

Dtoid is a great community that loves gaming, but I’m only just playing Zelda: Majora’s mask now. Not everyone is on the cutting edge of games, and they don’t deserve to be punished for it, ESPECIALLY by the Dtoid staff who claim to love gaming so much. Its bullshit.

All I ask is that this whole “lets spoil the endings of games” thing start to tone down on Dtoid. I hope that the staff set a better example by not TRICKING people into hearing spoilers for fucks sake. Just because some dickhead shouts the ending to Harry Potter from a car isn’t a perfect justification for Dtoid to throw all respect off a cliff and start using the ending of Bioshock as some stupid internet meme.

Respect the gamers who respect you. If you love video games as much as you claim, you wouldn’t take so much joy in ruining the experience for others. Seriously, I felt awful as fuck when HarassmentPanda spoilt the ending of Bioshock for another Dtoid member halfway through a completely unrelated article. Is this the kind of activity the Dtoid staff wants to encourage?

And I expect at least one retard to find it the funniest thing in their miserable small lives to spoil the end to at least some game in the comments. Have fun dickead, I’m sure you will find it just as funny when someone spoils the end to a game you are playing.
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